Sunday, February 8, 2015

Results of the survey: Garbage and traffic congestion most complaints by foreign tourists while in Bali

Traffic congestion most complaints by foreign tourists while in Bali
Traffic congestion most complaints by foreign tourists while in Bali
Bali Governor present the results of a survey conducted to foreign tourists while in Bali. The survey will be undertaken concerning many things about the complaints of foreign tourists while in Bali. There are eleven of the most complained about foreign tourists while in Bali. The results of the survey conveyed by the Governor of Bali in Bali Podium Free Talk Anything in the Lapangan Bajra Sandhi Denpasar, Sunday, February 8th, 2015.

When delivering the results of the survey, there are five things that most complaints by foreign tourists while in Bali. Here are five things most in complaining by foreign tourists while in Bali:

  1. Garbage
  2. Traffic congestion
  3. Immigration rambling with a very long queue
  4. Customs offices
  5. Money charger deceptive.
It is inevitable that Bali is an island packed with garbage. Garbage thrown carelessly by residents. Waste management system is also very bad. Garbage just piled in landfills. There is no good treatment for all trash in Bali.

Kuta Beach is a beach that is very famous and a gathering place for people from various countries, the rainy season is always filled with garbage. Kuta Beach becomes very ugly, disgusting during the rainy season, because the garbage piled sealalu and stranded on this beach. With this condition, of course, all tourists visiting Kuta Beach certainly complain. Because merica see beautiful beaches, suddenly filled with garbage. Certainly they were very disappointed with it.

Traffic congestion is the most complained about by foreign tourists during a visit in Bali. Dipungkuri difficult. Roads in Bali never grow. Mass transportation is also very minimal, so there is no alternative that can be used to smooth transportation.

Almost all roads in Bali are always traffic jams. Starting from east to west, north to south, all the inevitable traffic jams. Factor of traffic congestion in Bali is Bali's economy level residents are getting better and increasing. Everyone had a vehicle, at least every citizen of Bali have one motorcycle for traveling. Motorcycles and cars are vehicles mandatory for everyone in Bali. Because there is no good mass transport in Bali.

Bali governor appealed to all parties to make changes and improvements to the bad things that exist in Bali foreign tourist-related discomfort while in Bali. He is determined to be a green island of Bali, the island is free of organic foods made from toxic chemicals.