Monday, February 23, 2015

Menjangan Island, the beauty of the danger of collapse

The beauty of Menjangan Island can be seen and enjoyed from the sea. The sea around the island being a great place to dive. With underwater coral and fish are diverse, making the island is very well known by divers from various countries.

Menjangan island, Bali Indonesia

Menjangan Island is now the target of investors who have a desire to build resorts and villas. The beauty of this island danger of being lost by the resort buildings and villas. The island is considered a sacred island, and very guarded by the people of Bali. So that residents of Bali reject any plan by investors, who want to change the sacred island to be resorts and villas. Despite all the plans for the construction of resorts and villas that will be done in Menjangan Island has received permission from the minister, but the regulations that exist in Bali does not allow the plan. Because the island is very sacred by the Balinese people. See also: Menjangan Island, a small and beautiful island.

Balinese people living around the island firmly rejected plans to build resorts and villas to be built on the island of Menjangan. Despite the many reasons given by investors, but the effort was not made residents of Bali yield and granting licenses to investors. Because of the adverse effects produced is very large, and vill resort development on the island will have a negative impact on the island. The sea water will be polluted by waste from hotels and villas. Damaged coral reefs will be threatened. The sanctity of the temple will be disrupted, the balance of the ecosystem that has grown on the island would be under threat.

Menjangan Island became very unique attraction for divers who are in these waters. From the sea can be seen the beauty of the island with forests and temples that looks. Genesha huge statue can be seen from the sea. The statue became a place of worship for Hindus.

If a plan to build resorts and villas on the island of Menjangan by the investor will be done, the natural beauty and uniqueness of the island will be transformed into a cluster of villas and hotel buildings that spoil the view. As there is in the area of Kuta Beach which has been overrun by the hotel and shops are damaging views and beauty of the island.

Deer that live and stay on the island will be eliminated and left the island. Menjangan is one of the protected animals on the island. The small island has become a comfortable life by deer. A firm decision of the government is essential to preserve the Menjangan Island. If the government is not straightforward and can be bribed by the investor, the preservation and beauty of the island will be lost by building resorts and villas are disturbing scene. Read also: Balinese residents rejected a plan to build a resort on the island of Menjangan, Bali Indonesia.