Saturday, February 28, 2015

Boycott of Australia, will not have a big impact on tourism in Bali

Execution of the Bali Nine in Indonesia huge protests from residents of Australia and the Australian government. President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, rejected a request for clemency from death row of the Bali Nine. Rejection is under fire and raises the ire of some residents of Australia.

Australians are threatening to boycott and will not visit Bali if the execution of the Bali Nine are not canceled. They will not make Bali as the main destinations tourist destination, and will divert their vacation destination to another country. Although there are some Australians who told the media that the remark was just a bluff and nonsense.

Observers in Bali tourism and the tourism business in Bali is not afraid and do not worry about the threat of Australian citizens. Bali's tourism industry will not be dropped if there are no people of Australia who visit Bali. It is true that during this most tourists visiting Bali is originally from Australia. But the people of Australia is not the only one who visited Bali during the holidays.

Many people assume that Bali would not be poor if no Australians holidaying in Bali. Even some of the perpetrators of tourism in Bali assume that Australians always do mischief while in Bali. They were drunk, naked in the street, cursing local residents, beating local residents, littering the sanctity of the temple, even stealing in Bali.

Bali is a very attractive tourist destination that offers complete travel packages, ranging from the beach to the mountains are very beautiful. The small island which is easily explored with complete facilities and accommodation. Australians are most likely would not survive if not on holiday in Bali.

Bali is also a cheap and fun tourist destination. Do not need a lot of money if you want a holiday to Bali. Bali provides a wide selection of great holiday. Starting from vacation with a professional guide, to explore Bali just to rent a scooter with a relatively low rental costs.

So, Australians will definitely be back again to Bali when they meresa boycott they did was the wrong decision. Even they can not resist a visit and have fun in Bali.

Bali Nine is a group of criminals who distribute drugs. Australians ought to thank the Indonesian police have arrested them because the current will bring drugs into Australia. Many Australians who have died because of drugs, and the Bali Nine should be severely punished for it.