Saturday, February 28, 2015

Boycott of Australia, will not have a big impact on tourism in Bali

Execution of the Bali Nine in Indonesia huge protests from residents of Australia and the Australian government. President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, rejected a request for clemency from death row of the Bali Nine. Rejection is under fire and raises the ire of some residents of Australia.

Australians are threatening to boycott and will not visit Bali if the execution of the Bali Nine are not canceled. They will not make Bali as the main destinations tourist destination, and will divert their vacation destination to another country. Although there are some Australians who told the media that the remark was just a bluff and nonsense.

Observers in Bali tourism and the tourism business in Bali is not afraid and do not worry about the threat of Australian citizens. Bali's tourism industry will not be dropped if there are no people of Australia who visit Bali. It is true that during this most tourists visiting Bali is originally from Australia. But the people of Australia is not the only one who visited Bali during the holidays.

Many people assume that Bali would not be poor if no Australians holidaying in Bali. Even some of the perpetrators of tourism in Bali assume that Australians always do mischief while in Bali. They were drunk, naked in the street, cursing local residents, beating local residents, littering the sanctity of the temple, even stealing in Bali.

Bali is a very attractive tourist destination that offers complete travel packages, ranging from the beach to the mountains are very beautiful. The small island which is easily explored with complete facilities and accommodation. Australians are most likely would not survive if not on holiday in Bali.

Bali is also a cheap and fun tourist destination. Do not need a lot of money if you want a holiday to Bali. Bali provides a wide selection of great holiday. Starting from vacation with a professional guide, to explore Bali just to rent a scooter with a relatively low rental costs.

So, Australians will definitely be back again to Bali when they meresa boycott they did was the wrong decision. Even they can not resist a visit and have fun in Bali.

Bali Nine is a group of criminals who distribute drugs. Australians ought to thank the Indonesian police have arrested them because the current will bring drugs into Australia. Many Australians who have died because of drugs, and the Bali Nine should be severely punished for it.

Bali's tourism industry is cheap

Since ancient times the island of Bali is known as a tourist destination of the world. Even been known since before Indonesia's independence. Until now, the island of Bali is still a fairly popular tourist destination. Because Bali has an abundance of charm and beauty. Culture is very unique, diverse art, stunning natural beauty, as well as Balinese people in the know are very friendly and love to smile with anyone.

Bali now has changed. Early changes in Bali began bombing tragedy in Kuta. The tragedy that leaves sorrow and sadness that always remembered by those affected by the tragedy. The tourism industry is becoming very devastated, and many businesses are threatened with bankruptcy. Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and discos are the most affected by the tragedy. Many people laid off and become unemployed. Craftsmen did not get the order, so it does not have a job. Artists must also be willing to sell his art shops because there are no buyers. 2002 is the beginning of a change on the tourism industry in Bali, since the Bali bombing occurred in that year.

Now the Bali tourism industry has risen from adversity. Even has demonstrated significant improvement when compared to the condition before the Bali bombing. Foreign tourists continue to flock to Bali. Even the increasing number of foreign tourists. Bali was more crowded by people from various countries.

Since the condition of tourism in Bali unchanged. Since that time investors began to come to Bali with the goal of becoming part of the development of the tourism industry in Bali. Hotel is one of the most desirable business by businessmen. Many nyotel built without a clear concept. Even a shop was converted into a hotel. Narrow area also converted into a hotel. So many hotels do not have a yard and garden for guests' activities.

Hotels in Bali very much. In one area there can be more than three hotels. Even the hotel can be adjacent to each other, and only limited by the walls. They compete in price. So that the average price of hotels in Bali is very cheap. They ignore the comfort and environmental aspects. Many hotels in Bali are built without giving the green concept. Most of the hotel building consists of rooms and restaurants. Open courtyard largely converted into a swimming pool. No gardens and open spaces.

Because the number of hotels in Bali too much, with the total number of rooms nearly 50.000 rooms for a classy hotel, it's a tourist destination Bali in terms of lodging and accommodation. There is no fair competition in terms of providing room rental rates.

Government silent as to this condition. Even the rules that have been made to stop the new hotel building permits can not be menjegah investors to create a new hotel. Even rules that prohibit the construction of hotels near the temple has many violated. The government gave permission without notice aspects of culture and religion that has been set.

Bali is now known as a cheap tourist destination. Everything in Bali can be purchased and paid a pittance. With the exchange rate Indonesia is very weak, make Bali a tourist destination in the world's least expensive. Culture, art, tradition, religion, social and natural beauty of Bali on sale at cheap prices. Bali to be crowded by poor tourists who are just looking for a bargain price while on vacation.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nusa Dua Beach is always dirty by seaweed that washed up

Nusa Dua Beach is known as a very clean beach. But not always clean by sea plants stranded. Garbage is sometimes littering the beach is derived plants were stranded seaweed. This plant is used to living in the sea. Carried away by strong ocean currents, resulting in a dead seaweed is found on the beach.

Usually Nusa Dua Beach looks very dirty after the tide of the tide. When tides, ocean waves will carry and push seaweed onto the beach. So that the seaweed is washed up on the beach which became the organic garbage that is not good if too much piled up on the beach.

Garbage of seaweed in Nusa Dua Beach is usually cleaned by janitors who work to maintain cleanliness in the area of Nusa Dua and the surrounding areas. Garbage from seaweed will be collected when the water has receded, and taken to a landfill. Sometimes tourists will see piles of seaweed that have not been transported by the janitor.

Sea around Nusa Dua Beach is the sea with the seabed with rocks. Rocks on the ocean floor into the sea where the plants grow. Green seaweed is most easily found. If the tide is low, then people will easily take out and look at the plants live and grow in between the rocks.

Nyepi Day 2015

Celebration of Nyepi in Bali in 2015 will take place on March 21, 2015. Nyepi Day is a day to calm down and the universe of human activity. Nyepi is a new year based on the Balinese calendar.

Ogoh-ogoh Bali
Ogoh-ogoh Bali
Nyepi Day 2015 has a sequence of activities and events are the same as in the previous year Nyepi. There are many sequences of activities in celebration of Nyepi in Bali procession. All that man's land to restore the balance of human life and the universe, so that in the new atmosphere of nature and human life back into balance and harmony.

The most awaited activities and favored by young people in Bali during Nyepi Day peraan is vestifal ogoh-ogoh. Ogoh-ogoh festival 2015 in Bali will take place on March 20, 2015. There is no prohibition to the government in order not to create and ogoh-ogoh parade. However telha was heard in several villages in Bali, the local government banned the organization of fesvital ogoh-ogoh.

Not only in Bali, celebrates Nyepi 2015 are also performed by Hindus in Bali who live outside. Nyepi is a culture and a new year belongs to the Balinese. And become annual event to give the impression that the meaning and for the people of Bali.

Every year, year after year, the celebration of Nyepi in Bali developments merrier. Nyepi has become a tradition and culture of fun for the people of Bali. It looks at the more festive and more lackluster activity Nyepi in Bali. In 2015, it is estimated there will be thousands of ogoh-ogoh in Bali that will be displayed and taken around the village in each county and city.

Nyepi Day 2015 will be a day full of tranquility and free from noise. Because on the day of Nyepi, everyone should be in the house, not bole traveling, should not be noisy, should not be partying, should not turn on the vehicle, must not light a fire, should not undertake any activity that may disturb the peace and silence of the environment.

When Nyepi Day in Bali, Bali will be pitch black at night. There is no light from the light and fire. When Nyepi Day also will feel calm and quiet, because no one should get out of the house, no one should speak out kesar until it by others.

Nyepi Day in Bali has been recognized by the world community as an activity that deserves to be imitated. Because all of the meaning contained in the celebration of Nyepi can save the world from destruction. Can eliminate pollution and make the air cleaner. Can relieve stress for everyone is too busy with work. Nyepi Day also force people to be calm and more attention to themselves and the environment.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Balinese girl daydreaming in Bali Nusa Dua Beach

Balinese girl is daydreaming and sitting on the beach with white sand in Nusa Dua, Bali. What the mind of the girl, maybe she was enjoying the beauty of nature in Nusa Dua Beach. No one who accompanied her sitting on the white sand. Not the look of sadness on her face. It seems that he was enjoying the comfort and tranquility of Bali's Nusa Dua Beach.

Nusa Dua Beach is a very beautiful beach and is perfect for a place to find serenity. With family and children visited Nusa Dua Beach is a decision that remains. On this beach kids can quietly play without having to worry about with the sea, because the sea waves at Nusa Dua Beach is very small and safe.

Nusa Dua Beach, the best beach TripAdvisor version

Nusa Dua Beach is known as a very beautiful beach and visited by many tourists from various countries. On the beach there are also a lot of five-star hotel with the best facilities. Nusa Dua is the name for the two islands, the island of Bali and a small uninhabited island.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali Indonesia in Denpasar
Nusa Dua Beach Bali Indonesia in Denpasar
Nusa Dua Beach Bali crowned the best beaches in Asia. In the "Travelers Choice 2015", Nusa Dua beach is considered to have a good quality and quantity. The best beaches based on the results of a poll of visitors to TripAdvisor. During 12 months, the quantity and quality of the beaches of Nusa Dua review and rating of Tripadvisor users.

According to TripAdvisor's chief marketing officer, Barbara Messing, this is the right time to announce the best beaches in the world based on the opinion of a TripAdvisor community.

The tourists can get affordable deals on TripAdvisor hotel on the beach destination to get this award, so that they can realize their dream vacation.

Nusa Dua Beach is a beach with white sand mixed with sea waves. Coast of the western part of the sea has a greater than in the west. And the larger ocean waves rather to sea, whereas in the edge region, the ocean waves are very small. This beach is perfect for relaxing, there are many great places to relax. Many children on the beach playing laying kite.

Here are the 10 best beaches in Indonesia TripAdvisor versions.
1. Nusa Dua Beach, Nusa Dua
2. Padang Padang Beach, Pecatu
3. Balangan Beach, Kuta
4. Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok
5. High Cape Coast, Pacific Islands
6. White Sand Beach, Karang Asem
7. Jemeluk Beach, Amed Bali
8. Pink Beach, Komodo
9. Cape Papuma, Jember
10. Klayar Beach, Pacitan.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Menjangan Island, the beauty of the danger of collapse

The beauty of Menjangan Island can be seen and enjoyed from the sea. The sea around the island being a great place to dive. With underwater coral and fish are diverse, making the island is very well known by divers from various countries.

Menjangan island, Bali Indonesia

Menjangan Island is now the target of investors who have a desire to build resorts and villas. The beauty of this island danger of being lost by the resort buildings and villas. The island is considered a sacred island, and very guarded by the people of Bali. So that residents of Bali reject any plan by investors, who want to change the sacred island to be resorts and villas. Despite all the plans for the construction of resorts and villas that will be done in Menjangan Island has received permission from the minister, but the regulations that exist in Bali does not allow the plan. Because the island is very sacred by the Balinese people. See also: Menjangan Island, a small and beautiful island.

Balinese people living around the island firmly rejected plans to build resorts and villas to be built on the island of Menjangan. Despite the many reasons given by investors, but the effort was not made residents of Bali yield and granting licenses to investors. Because of the adverse effects produced is very large, and vill resort development on the island will have a negative impact on the island. The sea water will be polluted by waste from hotels and villas. Damaged coral reefs will be threatened. The sanctity of the temple will be disrupted, the balance of the ecosystem that has grown on the island would be under threat.

Menjangan Island became very unique attraction for divers who are in these waters. From the sea can be seen the beauty of the island with forests and temples that looks. Genesha huge statue can be seen from the sea. The statue became a place of worship for Hindus.

If a plan to build resorts and villas on the island of Menjangan by the investor will be done, the natural beauty and uniqueness of the island will be transformed into a cluster of villas and hotel buildings that spoil the view. As there is in the area of Kuta Beach which has been overrun by the hotel and shops are damaging views and beauty of the island.

Deer that live and stay on the island will be eliminated and left the island. Menjangan is one of the protected animals on the island. The small island has become a comfortable life by deer. A firm decision of the government is essential to preserve the Menjangan Island. If the government is not straightforward and can be bribed by the investor, the preservation and beauty of the island will be lost by building resorts and villas are disturbing scene. Read also: Balinese residents rejected a plan to build a resort on the island of Menjangan, Bali Indonesia.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pictures: Kuta Beach is still crowded with tourists

Kuta Beach is an icon of Bali tourism. The center supports people from different countries come together and meet. Beach with white sand with sea ombal rice at a certain time. A great place to learn to surf. With a very complete accommodation and cheap. Diverse restaurant. Nightclubs are many and varies. Supermarkets and souvenir shops very much. However, traffic congestion always occurs in almost all roads towards Kuta Beach, Bali Indonesia.

Many cheap hotels in Bali, cheap tourism in Bali

Cheap hotels in Bali very much. Every year there must be a new hotel opened. Not only five-star hotel, a small hotel also made by people with little capital. All aim to benefit from tourism sector in Bali growing well and rapidly.

Bali has many hotels, ranging from five to gotel Mental owned home stay kind of local residents. Since the number of the hotel very much, it impacts on competition. Which gives cheap hotel rates for one stay. Low rates aims to menarif gar tourist interest would choose that hotel.

Low rates for hotel rooms make Bali tourism image to be bad and inferior. Bali became a destination tourist destination with low buged. Bali is a tourist destination for people with little money. It berdampat on the image to go down because Bali is very cheap.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Traditional fishermen in Bali is getting poorer

Traditional fishermen in Bali increasingly poor due to the decreasing amount of their income from the catch of fish in the sea. Potential ocean around Bali wane. The fewer the number of fish. Abrasion along the coast continues to occur. Impact on poverty that continues to grow in Bali.

Traditional fishermen in Bali is getting poorer
Bali is surrounded by the sea. Bali is a small island that most of the population are farmers. Some residents who live by the sea, they work as fishermen, fishing in the sea. However, the tourism industry in Bali seaenjak growing by leaps and bounds, so many young people who choose to work in Bali tourism midwife, became employees of the hotel and restaurant, become a tour guide. Due to greater benefits than being a farmer and fisherman.

Abrasion in Bali increasingly widespread and occurs almost throughout the entire coastal area in Bali. This resulted in the decreasing segment and damaging coastal settlements in the area of coastal living. Life of traditional fishermen are also increasingly concerned. Not only caused by abrasion on the beach, as well as the number of fish that fewer and fewer. Formerly the fishermen into the sea as the surge to get the money. Now the sea into hell would not want to be in the search in order to get the fish.

Diminishing number of fish caused by many factors. But the biggest factor is the effect of global warming. Global warming resulting in climate change. Climate change impact on current changes, if ocean currents change, there will be changes immortal movement of fish in the sea colony. Plenty of fish in the sea migrate to a better place. That is why now in the ocean around Bali a reduction in the number of fish.

Traditional fishermen in Bali are also increasingly concerned with the arrival of investors who continue to undermine the beach and build hotels and other accommodation facilities. The investors who build hotels and villas around the coast will displace the existence of the enlayan. They have to move to put their boats, as has happened in Kuta Beach.

Once upon a time, Kuta Beach is a traditional fishermen catch fish. Kuta Beach is a place to put a traditional fisherman boats. Kuta Beach has become a tourist attraction that is dominated by foreign investors. So that the traditional fishermen have to move to put their boats. They shifted to the west, to a more quiet and calm. So that they can freely look for fish in the sea.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jalak Bali, exotic birds with white color

Jalak Bali (Bali starling) are exotic birds, rare, and protected. A person is not allowed to have this bird tnpa written permission from the government. Because the government concerned with the safety of this bird. Bali Starling is a bird that is always in pairs. In life they have a spouse to death. Each pair of male and female. See also: Jalak Bali icon of Jembrana.

Jalak Bali is very rare. In the wild, the population is very small, probably no more. Original habitats in the West Bali National Park. In the area of West Bali, in Jembrana and Buleleng. Protected forest areas that are not well protected, so that the hunters and lumberjacks can easily destroy the forest ecosystem. (Bali Starling (Jalak Bali) just be a logo).

Jalak Bali is always a concern by bird enthusiasts. Jalak Bali is very exotic, so many people want to have to be a pet. (Jalak Bali tough breed).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's day, the day of love for the young people of Bali

Valentine's day in Bali is now going very lively. Differences with before the Internet was known by all the people of Indonesia. Therefore, valentine day celebration of culture is the culture of western countries. Sign in to Indonesian and well received by the citizens of Indonesia as a good day to express feelings of love and affection.

In Bali, valentine day celebrated by young people of Bali. They celebrate by way of making love with their lovers. Valentine's Day for the people of Bali are still interpreted with narrow thinking. Valentine's day is a day of love for that to have a lover. For youth who do not have a lover, they assume valentine day is a day that is not special, bad day, a day full of flavor too late, because it does not have a lover.

This year, Valentine's Day on February 14, 2015 right on Saturday. So that the celebration of the day of love coincide when the schedule youths meet with their lover.

Towards valentine day shops and supermarkets in Bali looks more lively with decorate their stores with pink ornaments. Decorations for valentine day celebration installed to brighten the day. Chocolate and flowers are the most widely sold ahead of Valentine's Day.

In some districts in Bali, local government makes a celebration of valentine day to provide entertainment to the residents. Held a music concert and a little party that residents feel the love passionately pleasure. This celebration also has a meaning that the government loves its citizens.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Udheng/Udeng / Destar / Balinese male headband

Balinese male headband have many names. Some call with Udeng, there is a call to the headband, there is also a softer accent is udheng. Many names, but all of it is one, the Balinese headband.

Balinese Udheng not only a headband without meaning. Udeng have great significance for its users. In addition to a headband to create a neater appearance and attractive, as well as to remind the wearer to always remember the kindness. Udeng/destar, not just a headbanda.

Analogy udheng / headband is highly related to the nature of good and bad, positive and negative, black and white. Udheng has two distinct parts, the left and right. The left lower part of the right. Left means negative / bad character / black, while the right means good nature / positive / white. Analogy and meaning udheng / headband is very high and means big for the wearer.

Balinese residents rejected a plan to build a resort on the island of Menjangan, Bali Indonesia

Residents of two villages in Buleleng rejected a plan by investors to build resorts and villas in Menjangan Island. Two villages in Buleleng is Gerokgak Village and Sumberklampok Village, Gerokgak District, Buleleng Regency, Bali Indonesia.

Menjangan Island, West of Bali, Indonesia
Residents who rejected the plan of investors who will build resorts and villas in Menjangan Island will hold a prayer together. Residents of the two villages there are agreed and rejected plans for the construction of villas and resorts on the island of Menjangan. Reasons for refusal are conveyed by the citizens is due to Menjangan Island is a sacred island that has a lot of temples. Sacred area to be protected and retained its sustainability. Read also: Menjangan Island, a small and beautiful island.

From the news circulated among residents of two villages, many people who refuse of investors plan to make the sacred island to be used as tourist accommodation area. Another reason is that Bali and in the sea around the island there are many accommodations that can be used by tourists while visiting the attraction. In fact there are many resorts and villas in Buleleng near Menjangan Island. So there is no good reason that is given by the central government while giving permission to use the West Bali National Park. Read also: Preservation of Menjangan Island from disturbed due to plans by investors.

Another reason is that the island of Menjangan, a deer habitat that is now on the wane. Deer that ever lived and roamed in the forest in Bali, has now moved to the island of Menjangan. The deer sees the island is very safe and suitable as a place to live. Thus ensuring the sustainability and peace of the island must be maintained so that the deer do not go away and stay away from the island.

Menjangan Island is a small island located in the area of West Bali National Park. The island is uninhabited and there is no source of water for drinking dpat. Travelers who dive in the sea around the island will rest for a moment and visit the island during the day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Makepung, buffalo racing is very painful

Makepung is very famous in Jembrana, Bali Indonesia. Makepung is buffalo race in Jembrana which uses a pair of buffalo pulling a small wagon ridden by a jockey. This race still exists to this day, and became a gambling under the guise of art and tradition. 

Makepung in Jembrana, buffalo racing in Bali Indonesia
Makepung in Jembrana, buffalo racing in Bali Indonesia
Makepung actually is a gambling event conducted by the owner of the buffalo, as well as a platform to raise the price of buffalo that had been won in the race. Buffalo race is only in Jembrana in West Bali. Read: Buffalo racing in Jembrana is a gamble.

Buffalo race in Jembrana (Makepung) by the local government is considered as a unique tradition that should be preserved its existence. Fact has been recognized as a National Cultural Heritage of Indonesia by the Indonesian government. So that this event should be preserved its existence. The efforts made by the government to preserve this event held game pioneered by the local government with the trophy and money for coaching.

Makepung, Jembrana Bali, Indonesia
Makepung, Jembrana Bali, Indonesia
But there is a downside that is not known by the layman about Makepung, buffalo racing very well known. Indeed, this race is a showcase of torture against buffalo. Therefore, buffalo forced to run as fast as possible by means of torture buffalo to hurt him using the whip from wood.

Whip used to hit the buffalo is very terrible. The whip is made from wood filled with sharp spikes at the edges. The nails are in plug at the end of the whip from wood. The spikes are lined meet whip end. If the whip on the skin, the skin will be hurt. In fact buffalo skin will be hurt if hit by the whip.

When the race starts, a pair of buffalo that pulls the train with a jockey, jockey hit with a whip from wood buffalo containing sharp spikes. The nails are wounded buffalo backs bleed very much. Buffalo ran for pain, not because of passion and love. Buffalo running because the pain of the prod from a nail.

The government plans to make buffalo race as a tourist attraction to attract tourists to visit Jembrana. The government plans to make regular agenda related to the implementation schedule buffalo race in Jembrana.

Each week fans buffalo races regularly held races and training. In each sub-district there is a race track, this track is provided by the local government. Not everyone likes to watch buffalo race in Jembrana (Makepung). Because the race is a race that torture buffalo buffalo.

When the buffalo ran into the track, hit the bulls on the back. Was hit as hard as possible to pain. Whereas on the back of the buffalo is the spine. If the affected nail, it is certain that the buffalo would be in pain. Ironically, the bulls who took part in the race every week will do the race. So every week the bulls get a pain that makes buffalo suffer. So Makepung is gambling activities, which tortured buffalo.

Read also: Makepung, buffalo racing in Jembrana, traditions and bad sideJembrana, Makepung, Tradition

Ubud is very beautiful with terraced rice paddies in Bali Indonesia

Ubud is very beautiful, terraced rice fields in Ubud be an amazing tourist attraction. Tourists visiting Ubud definitely want to see the rice terraces. Bali Indonesia became very famous because of Ubud.

Terraced rice paddies in Ubud Bali Indonesia
Terraced rice paddies in Ubud Bali Indonesia

Monday, February 9, 2015

Caldera of Mount Batur Bali Indonesia is one of the largest in the world

Mount Batur caldera is very spacious and large in Bali Indonesia. This caldera is home to the Balinese people. In the caldera there is a very large lake, and into the fountain to Bali. Mount Batur is often used for climbing by Bali residents and foreign tourists visiting Bali. Several times in this caldera got a warning of natural disasters watchdog, warning in the form of an appeal to all those who are in Mount Batur to be careful, because this mountain could erupt at any time.

Mount Batur, Bali Indonesia
Mount Batur, Bali Indonesia

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Results of the survey: Garbage and traffic congestion most complaints by foreign tourists while in Bali

Traffic congestion most complaints by foreign tourists while in Bali
Traffic congestion most complaints by foreign tourists while in Bali
Bali Governor present the results of a survey conducted to foreign tourists while in Bali. The survey will be undertaken concerning many things about the complaints of foreign tourists while in Bali. There are eleven of the most complained about foreign tourists while in Bali. The results of the survey conveyed by the Governor of Bali in Bali Podium Free Talk Anything in the Lapangan Bajra Sandhi Denpasar, Sunday, February 8th, 2015.

When delivering the results of the survey, there are five things that most complaints by foreign tourists while in Bali. Here are five things most in complaining by foreign tourists while in Bali:

  1. Garbage
  2. Traffic congestion
  3. Immigration rambling with a very long queue
  4. Customs offices
  5. Money charger deceptive.
It is inevitable that Bali is an island packed with garbage. Garbage thrown carelessly by residents. Waste management system is also very bad. Garbage just piled in landfills. There is no good treatment for all trash in Bali.

Kuta Beach is a beach that is very famous and a gathering place for people from various countries, the rainy season is always filled with garbage. Kuta Beach becomes very ugly, disgusting during the rainy season, because the garbage piled sealalu and stranded on this beach. With this condition, of course, all tourists visiting Kuta Beach certainly complain. Because merica see beautiful beaches, suddenly filled with garbage. Certainly they were very disappointed with it.

Traffic congestion is the most complained about by foreign tourists during a visit in Bali. Dipungkuri difficult. Roads in Bali never grow. Mass transportation is also very minimal, so there is no alternative that can be used to smooth transportation.

Almost all roads in Bali are always traffic jams. Starting from east to west, north to south, all the inevitable traffic jams. Factor of traffic congestion in Bali is Bali's economy level residents are getting better and increasing. Everyone had a vehicle, at least every citizen of Bali have one motorcycle for traveling. Motorcycles and cars are vehicles mandatory for everyone in Bali. Because there is no good mass transport in Bali.

Bali governor appealed to all parties to make changes and improvements to the bad things that exist in Bali foreign tourist-related discomfort while in Bali. He is determined to be a green island of Bali, the island is free of organic foods made from toxic chemicals.

Harvest by farmers in Bali, rice is the main commodity

Rice is the main commodities produced by most farmers in Bali Indonesia. When the harvest, farmers earn money. Long ago, when the harvest of all rice produced is stored for the needs of daily meals. But this time, when the harvest season, farmers only get the money. All the rice has been bought by middlemen. The contract has been done since the beginning, since farmers began planting rice. Contract with middlemen. Remain poor farmers, middlemen richer.

Subak in Bali has been threatened, diminishing farmland

Balinese people mostly work as farmers. Agriculture in Bali is famous Subak system. Subak is a traditional organization that regulates the irrigation system to irrigate the rice fields incorporated in the system.

Farmland in Bali Indonesia
Farmland in Bali Indonesia
Subak in Bali Indonesia is danger of being lost because of diminishing farmland. Based on data from the Bali Provincial Agriculture Office, annually, Bali experienced erosion of 350-400 hectares of agricultural land. Decreases very large. Reduced agricultural land in Bali due to speculators who peddle copies unplanned land. Only concerned with unilateral advantage.

Reduced agricultural land in Bali is also caused by the development of the tourism industry are not well planned. Hotel continues to grow, but the hotel room occupancy rate is not increased. Which has an impact on the occurrence of unhealthy fare war between the hotel. Construction of hotels and villas that are not controlled and use of agricultural land also impact on the exclusion of farmers from their land.

In addition, the reduction of agricultural land in Bali also be caused by a number of investors who request land for their businesses. Not only that, the other problem is the problem of water supply competition. Water becomes the most sought after commodity today. Almost all the springs in Bali controlled by businessman drinking water processing. So farmers have to compete with them for water. If the water does not exist, then, Subak system will stop.

The central government wants the people of Bali to increase agricultural production in the year to 20%. But the desire of the central government rejected by the Provincial Government of Bali. Many things desired by the central government to Bali. They want improved Bali tourism, also want crops also increased. It's not a big dilemma for Bali Indonesia. Bali exploited on a large scale.

Investors continue to come in and build infrastructure and tourism accommodation in Bali. Scrape agricultural land, damaging the environment, make Bali crowded by people who come from various countries. Urbanization growth towards Bali also be difficult in the hold.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sunset at Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia

Sunset is a beautiful view sight in Bali. Uluwatu in Bali is the best place to see the sunset. Uluwatu is also a tourist attraction that is most sought after by tourists. Stunning natural beauty, soothing view of the open sea, as well as the freshness of the air that is free from pollution. Long-tailed monkeys are forest dwellers around Uluwatu. Monkeys will accompany tourists who were enjoying the sunset at Uluwatu. Bali is beautiful, with beaches, forests, mountains, and sea, complete and fascinating.

Sunset at Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia
Sunset at Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia

Barong mask, enchanting Balinese dances

Barong Dance in Bali Indonesia is the type of mask dance usually danced along with the other dancers. In Bali, barong dance very sacred, has a magical feel very high. Barong dance is very exotic dance.

Barong mask, Balinese dance, Indonesia
Barong Mask

Barong mask, Balinese dance, Indonesia
Barong Mask

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Preservation of Menjangan Island from disturbed due to plans by investors

Menjangan Island is known as a quiet little island and a place to live for deer. The island is also the island sacred by Hindus in Bali Indonesia. In the Menjangan Island there are several islands that became a beginning of the spread of Hinduism in Bali. Menjangan Island is also part of the West Bali National Park, which may protect all ecosystems in it, including deer and JalakBali (Bali Starling). While JalakBali is endangered birds.

Menjangan Island beach, Bali Indonesia
Menjangan Island beach, Bali Indonesia
Menjangan Island has now been considered by investors as an island that is considered suitable for building villas. Rumors about plans to build a resort on the island of Menjangan by investors being taken seriously by the Government of Buleleng regency. Buleleng regency government explicitly rejected the development of the tourism accommodation. Resort development plan in Menjangan Island, declared to have violated the law established by the Provincial Government of Bali because they can interfere with the sanctity of the temple that is in the area of Menjangan Island.

Buleleng Regent explicitly rejected the construction of villas and resorts in the island of Menjangan. On the basis of clear and refer to local regulations set by the Bali Provincial Government and the Government of Buleleng. In these regulations to be explained that the radius of the construction of the temple property is two kilometers, is calculated from the outer wall of the temple.

Menjangan Island, Bali Indonesia
Menjangan Island, Bali Indonesia
In a predetermined radius, anyone not to build hotels and villas adjacent to the temple. In the same radius government can not issue a building permit for tourism accommodation. Investors plan to build villas in Menjangan Island is located in the restricted radius, so it is against the rules that have been set.

Investors who plan to build villas and resorts on the island of Menjangan has received permission to use the conservation area. The permit granted by the Ministry of Forestry. Nonetheless, Buleleng Regent stated that the local government has the authority to approve or reject any license bertentengan with rules set local government.

In the proposal permits investors to build villas and resorts on the island of Menjangan, the investor plans to build 100 villas in Menjangan Island. The plan, the villa consists of 28 units ocean front villa, 18 units bay view villa, 12 unit garden view villas, 27 units of green forest villas, and 15 units of menjangan villa. Only room for investment, investors predict that very large capital expenditure.

The rejection of the plan to build villas and resorts on the island of Menjangan also got a rejection of pastors and religious leaders in Bali. It is reported also that which brings investors to Menjangan Island is Balinese people. Balinese people are Hindu religion. People who should preserve the Menjangan Island and the surrounding environment.

Menjangan Island has immense historical value to the development of Hinduism in Bali. Because of the island's ever happened Java process that will drive people to Bali to spread the Hindu religion. In the island there are many temples and historic sites that are considered by Hindus in Bali. Read also: Balinese residents rejected a plan to build a resort on the island of Menjangan

About the dead execution of the Bali Nine group

Bali Nine is the name given by the media to nine Australians were arrested on 17 April 2005 in Bali Indonesia , in an attempt to smuggle 8.2 kilograms of heroin from Indonesia to Australia . Bali Nine members of the group are:

  1. Andrew Chan (the police regard it as a "godfather" in the Bali Nine group.
  2. Myuran Sukumaran
  3. Si Yi Chen
  4. Michael Czugaj
  5. Renae Lawrence
  6. Tach Duc Thanh Nguyen
  7. Matthew Norman
  8. Scott Rush
  9. Martin Stephens 

Four members of the Bali Nine, Czugaj, Rush, Stephens, and Lawrence, was arrested at Ngurah Rai Airport while boarding a plane Australian destination. They brought heroin mounted on the body. Andrew Chan was arrested in a separate plane when they want to leave, but in itself is not found drugs. Nguyen, Sukumaran, Chen and Norman was arrested at the Melasti Hotel in Kuta for storing heroin weighing 350g and other items that indicate their involvement in drug smuggling attempt.

On February 13, 2006, the Denpasar District Court give punishment to Lawrence, Rush, Czugaj and Stephens to life imprisonment. Sukumaran and Chan, the two figures are considered to play an important role in this case, sentenced to death. On February 15, Nguyen, Chen, and Norman was also sentenced to life imprisonment by the judges.

On 26 April 2006, sentenced Lawrence, Nguyen, Chen, Czugaj and Norman was reduced to 20 years in prison by the appeal, while a life sentence Stephens survive.

On 6 September 2006, the Supreme Court has granted the appeal filed Attorney General. Czugac penalty changed to life imprisonment, while the punishment Lawrence, Rush, Nguyen, Chen, and Norman became a death sentence. Chan and Sukumaran still executed, and Stephens remained sentenced to life imprisonment.

On January 13, 2011, the Supreme Court rejected the extraordinary penalty Reconsideration filed by Stephens, so the decision is returned back to the Denpasar District Court's decision that a life sentence.

Attorney General declared the execution of two Australian citizens, known as the Bali Nine members of the group waiting for the determination of time and place. Two sentenced to death members of the Bali Nine, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, until now still being held in prison Krobokan, Bali. Clemency petition filed by Andrew Chan, was rejected by President Joko Widodo.

Attorney General rejected the submission Reconsideration two death row narcotics, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman. Ministry of Justice and Human Rights has been prepared when reclaiming the site of execution.

Director General of Corrections Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Handoyo Sudrajat, said readiness if the members of the Bali nine death sentences carried out in reclaiming. Because the execution is not the first time held in reclaiming.

Indonesian Ambassador to Australia said the Australian Government remains lobbying with the Government of Indonesia-related executions to be carried Attorney General against two members of the Bali Nine, Myuran Syukumaran and Andrew Chan.

Bali Governor I Made Pastika refused if the execution of two persons of the Group carried out in Bali Bali Nine. The reason, Bali must remain harmonious, stay safe and keep peace because if the execution is done in Bali will affect people's views of Bali.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Marquez and Dani Pedrosa in Bali in order to launch their racing team

Marc Marquez upload a photo pose in the plane that will take him to Bali, Indonesia. In the social media accounts, Marquez said that he went to Bali to attend a series of events, including the launch of the session the Repsol Honda team racing on Sunday, February 1st, 2015.

Marquez and Dani Pedrosa estimated to be in Bali. The plan on Sunday morning, will follow a press conference and the launching of the Repsol Honda racing team in 2015.

In the process of launching the racing team, usually followed by a complete management of the Repsol Honda team and also management of the Honda Racing Corporation ( HRC ). They will launch simultaneously change the motor racing livery for season 2015. Repsol is the main sponsor them, but usually do refresher color layout for installation and brand logo on their racing motorcycles.

After following the launch session racing team, the night will be prepared a special time for the fans of Marquez and Dani Pedrosa and Repsol Honda team. Chances are, they will begin to schedule a solid start Sunday morning prior to the official pre -season test session at Sepang MotoGP 2015.