Thursday, January 8, 2015

Travel warning from Australia and America to its citizens who want to Indonesia, including Bali

United States issued a security warning to its citizens in Surabaya, East Java. Indonesian Embassy to warn about potential security threats in the hotel and the bank associated with the Americans in the area. Americans asked to be careful when visiting the facility.

Before warning applies only in Surabaya, America has also warned its citizens not to travel or issued a travel warning to Indonesia in November 2000. The ban was issued after a series of bombings in Jakarta and Bali was removed on May 23, 2008.

This revocation is done because, according to the US government, many improvements to the security situation that has been done by the Indonesian government, such as unpacking and catching terrorist groups.

Australian federal government issued travel advice to remind citizens to raise awareness to the highest level when traveling to Indonesia, including Bali. Therefore, Australians often become victims of terrorist attacks in Indonesia.

In the explosion of the first Bali bombing in October 2002, of the 202 victims died, 88 of them Australians. On September 9, 2004, a bomb exploded in a box car in front of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, which killed at least nine people.

Warning government ban on traveling from Australia to Bali, no significant effect on the activity of tourism on the island. The security forces in Bali before it had heard a warning to Australians traveling so requested increase awareness of any threats that may arise.

Smart Traveller website stating the place of worship has become a terrorist target during the Christmas and New Year, especially in cities such as Poso and Solo. A similar attack could happen again.

Previously, the same warning is also issued US government asked its citizens to be wary of the threat of terrorism in banks and hotels in Surabaya, on January 3, 2015. Australia followed the American decision.