Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tommy and Heather, testimony during the trial, Bali suitcase murder

Bali suitcase murder. When the first trial, in the case of the murder of a woman, Sheila Ann Von Wiese, conducted by her daughter, who is assisted by her boyfriend, it was revealed that, Heather Lois Mack has had a plan to kill her mother. In fact he is ready to give reward to anyone if it manages to kill her mother. Financial rewards as much as US $ 50,000. Lover of the woman named Tommy Scheafer.

Relationship of two lovers, between Tommy and Heather Lois Mack Scheafer not approved by the mother of the woman. This condition makes Heather and Tommy angry, so the desire to kill her mother. Then, Heather told Tommy to look for people who want to kill her mother with a reward of US $ 50000. However, the mother is killed by Tommy.

Another fact that was revealed in the first trial that Heather was pregnant seven months. Clearly visible Heather is a very big belly. In the trial, Tommy looked nervous and was crying, sometimes she wiped his tears. While Heather invisible no remorse from the look on her face.

The chronology of the murder of a mother by her son :
- After Heather in upset by her mother, she calls and sms her boyfriend who was in room 616 at the same hotel, the St. Regis Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali.
- In communications between Heather and Tommy, she had expressed a desire to kill her mother. She plans smothered her with a pillow, so it looks like a suicide. Heather also asked Tommy to come to her room, number 317.
- Heather had told Tommy to find the assassin in exchange for US $ 50,000.
- When Tommy Heather came into the room, the girl 's mother was asleep. They talked in the room with a very loud voice, so she woke up. After the quarrel which ultimately an act of murder of Sheila Ann Von Wiese.

Threats in this murder case is the death penalty. Because it is a case of murder.