Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Festival of India 2015" will be held in Bali

Festival of India 2015 will be held in Bali. Especially for Bali, a series of festival will be officially opened on January 28, 2015 in Nusa Dua. A number of art and cultural performances will be held in several locations in Denpasar and Nusa Dua.

Festival of India in 2015, has the aim to strengthen the cooperation between India and Indonesia, especially Bali. Bali has a very close historical ties with India. Although these relationships occur indirectly, through the spread of Hinduism that has happened since, hundreds of years ago. Although the culture and art owned by Inda and Bali is vastly different. This event is an effort to strengthen cooperation between Bali and India.

The plan will be a number of art performances will be held in Bali from January to March 2015. This event is a series of festivals held Embassy of India in 16 cities across Indonesia. There are at least 30 cultural presentations will enliven the festival circuit.

The art show will be performed at the Festival of India 2015 is a folk dance, dance drama, puppets, art shows, exhibitions, seminars, film screenings bollywood to documentaries. Most of the attractions of art shows all matters relating to India, although the majority of Balinese people have to know the type of art that exist in India, but through this activity is expected to present the art directly to the citizens.

Bali Governor Made Pastika, appreciate the plan of holding the Festival of India which will be held in Bali, and promised to take the time to attend the event. Bali governor also urged the public to come see the show presented by the artists and culture of India.

Bali has a type of art that is diverse and dynamic. When compared with India, the type kesian Bali is almost the same as in India, differing only in terms of appearance and presentation. Beginning arts in Bali emerged from the ritual procession of security, and is part of the ritual that is shifted to the performing arts to the public.

Indian art most known by residents of Bali there is singing, music, and drama. Through films, India has managed to introduce art and culture which is owned by the state. Through the film also they can raise the dignity, degrees, and the dignity of the nation in the eyes of the world.

Through the Festival of India in 2015, Bali residents can get to know more closely about the art and culture of India. Due to the historical relationship that occurs between the two countries through religion, will be able to strengthen the relationship between Bali and India. Keep in mind also, in Bali there are many people of Indian descent who settled and looking for work. In Bali there are also many types of new sects are growing, and spreading through the performing arts.