Friday, January 16, 2015

Executions of the Bali Nine members criticized by activists from Australia

Myuran Sukumaran, members of the Bali Nine, now still in prison Krobokan, Bali. Clemency petition has been rejected by the president, is now awaiting a decision for clemency from Andrew Chan.

Bali Nine is a term for nine Australian citizens who tried to smuggle 8.2 kilograms of heroin from Australia. They were arrested on April 17, 2005 in Bali. The nine men were Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran, Si Yi Chen, Michael Czugaj, Renae Lawrence, Tach Duc Thanh Nguyen, Matthew Norman, Scott Rush, and Martin Stephens.

Denpasar District Court sentenced Lawrence, Czugaj, Stephens, and Rush with life imprisonment. The Sukumaran and Chan executed.

Since sentenced to death in 2005. result is known to smuggle 8.2 kilograms of heroin, syndicate members of the Bali Nine jailed in Kerobokan Prison, Bali. Execution of the death penalty against a group of criminals should be implemented simultaneously.

Both take a variety of remedies, the latter is asking for forgiveness (pardon) to the President of Indonesia. However, application of Sukumaran has been rejected by President Jokowi, while the petition Andrew is still no official decision.

President of Indonesia, Jokowi, has expressed the attitude he asserted against all convicted drug to file a petition for clemency. Jokowi hinted will not give amnesty to drug kingpin sentenced to death in Indonesia.

Assertion is confirmed by the announcement of the Attorney General, that the six people on death row drug kingpin will be executed this weekend.