Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cheap traveled with cheap accommodation and cheap hotels in Bali

Nusa Dua Beach Bali, Indonesia

Most tourists who come to Bali in 2014 is a low budget tourists. They come to Bali with reasons in accordance with the low budget, but get the satisfaction and comfort expected. Thus, cheap hotel a top choice for tourists with low budget, because Bali has many cheap hotels and classy.

In 2014, tourist arrivals with a low budget has increased very large. The condition is supported by the many cheap hotels in Bali, as well as the support of the airline that provides air tickets promo at low prices. cheap flight to Bali, is one of the factors for the foreign tourists who have a low budget to be able to vacation in Bali.

Generally, low budget tourists who come to Bali, choose to vacation during the holiday season. When the school holidays, public holidays a great day, and certain holiday feast. Because during the holiday season, there are a lot of promo cheap tickets, cheap flight to Bali, and various promo from a travel agent. Most of the tourists with low budget definitely choose cheap hotels in Bali. Because promo facilities offered by travel agencies and networks, to facilitate the tourists who have a low budget for ur berlib to Bali. So that Bali is famous for cheap travel for tourists with low budget.

Kuta Beach, Bali Indonesia
There are many cheap hotels in Bali. Many new hotel was built with the aim to obtain a tourist with a low budget, so that they would stay at their hotel. Even in the last two years, in Bali has been there dozens of new cheap hotel to receive guests with a low budget, such as a back packer to guests with a lot of money. Bali's southern region has now become a business accommodation targeting tourists with low budget. Cheap hotels in Bali very much. Cheap hotels with a tariff of Rp. 200000 to 300000, making many star hotels demanding the government to stop issuing construction permits cheap hotel. Because it can damage the market and make a lot of hotels have to follow the market price to be a cheap hotel with a luxurious five-star facilities.

Indeed, most of the tourists who stay in cheap hotels in Bali, is the domestic tourists who vacation in Bali on school holidays, public holidays, at the end of the year, a great day and the days that are designated as a holiday by the government. Many of them are tourists from the group of students, college students, domestic music groups, families and individuals. They are people with low purchasing power, such as employees of a company, sales marketing, a company driver with a low budget. Indeed, the hotel is used as a place to stay travelers with a low budget is a budget hotel class, it's just that the service offered is a five-star hotel class.

Kuta Beach Bali
The existence of a cheap hotel in Bali has damaged the market price for the rental of rooms. It has an impact on tariff war broke out between the hotel to provide low prices to the tourists. It is also an impact on the image of Bali tourism. Bali tourism image became cheap in the eyes of the tourists foreign countries, because there are many cheap hotels in Bali.

Many hotels in Bali newly built is a licensed construction budget hotels, but they make a class with five-star hotel facilities. This needs to be observed by the government, if left unchecked, it will have an impact on the damage to the image of Bali tourism. Will have an impact also on the occupancy rate at star hotels in Bali.

Total hotel rooms in Bali in 2009 reached 46000. In 2011 there has been increasing the number of rooms be 62000. If calculated based on the area, Badung regency has the largest number of hotel rooms reached 77 percent.

In conclusion, Bali has many cheap hotels with quality and class of service hotels. Cheap hotel a top choice for tourists with low budget. The local traveler choosing a cheap hotel with a reason to save the cost of a holiday in Bali. The existence of cheap hotels in Bali are growing, impact on price competition, price wars, so the five-star hotel must compete by lowering the price of the room. The government fooled by cheap hotel construction permits are not in accordance with reality.