Sunday, December 21, 2014

Two Australian tourists beating local residents with a bottle of beer, the tourists arrested

Two Australian tourists hit a local resident with a beer bottle. This incident occurred on Sunday night, around 8:50 pm, in the Restaurant Apakabar, Jalan Batubolong No. 74, the village of Canggu, North Kuta. Victims of I Wayan Mudipa ( 35 ), was in his store, then two tourists visiting the store. Two Australian tourists that come to the restaurant in a drunken state, after which they entered the store. At that time, one of the tourists out of the store and headed to the front of the temple belongs to the owner of the shop.

Wayan saw one tourist who exit the store, and then pee in the temple owned by Wayan. Wayan rebuke, but he hit Wayan, and assisted by a friend who was in the store, so Wayan fell and bruised.

The incident was seen by residents near the store, then they help Wayan and beat up the two tourists battered, but the tourists were able to escape before the police arrested.

Two tourists were not just pee in the temple, one of them also pee in the area of ​​the store. When Wayan rebuked them, they even threatened to kill Wayan.

Two tourists from Australia named Timothy O Hehir ( 26 ) and Scott O Hejir ( 22 ), they have now been arrested by the police. Police attempted to mediate in order to perpetrators and victims can reconcile and stop the case. However Wayan not accept the treatment of these two Australian tourists, so tourists are threatened jailed on charges have been doing beatings.