Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rangda in tug at Temple, mystique and creepy

Rangda mask dance in Bali Indonesia

Rangda numerous in Bali. Rangda is a mystical figure who embodied in a mask. Believed, mask Rangda is very similar to the original, the figure of supernatural beings who are always around us unnoticed. Although most Rangda masks in traction for entertainment.

In the temple, Rangda mask is a symbol of gods and ancestral spirits are very sacred and respected. Rangda is contained in a very sacred temple by residents. Only certain moments Rangda at danced by people who have been and are considered capable. Because dance Rangda masks contained dipura must have a pure soul and pure intentions.

When the mask of Rangda in the pull in the temple, mystique increasingly felt. Rangda mask looks spooky and scary. A big sound in a low voice makes the feel increasingly tense. Rangda danced with the aim that people always remember and keep the unity and security of the village