Friday, November 21, 2014

The natural beauty and terraced rice fields in Ubud may be maintained and not destroyed

Ubud (Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia) has a natural beauty that is very beautiful.
Ubud (Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia) has a natural beauty that is very beautiful. Terraced rice fields between the mountains and the hills are green, make Ubud became a tourist destination that is always visited by tourists from foreign countries. Although the times and the changing patterns of human life continues to happen, but traditional life of farmers in Bali, preserve natural and traditional feel in some corner of the city.

Residents living in Ubud traditional environment and the arts. In every field always include elements of art in each activity. Included in the plan-making plant rice and paddy. Rice fields made based on technical calculations and art. This can be seen from the form of the arrangement of each rice terraces that look very beautiful, Gary's well ordered. Until now the view of terraced rice fields made since time immemorial, a tourist attraction, and bring in tourists to spend money in Ubud.

Terraced rice fields in Ubud formed from uneven ground contours. Farmers cultivate their land situation taking into account the availability of water as an absolute syawat to be able to grow rice. Terraced rice paddy made to the process plant can be made between the uneven hills.

Not only is the water factor, Subak organizations also play a role in the formation of terraced rice openting in Ubud. Subak is the initial foundation in all the activities in the fields. Subak be a regulator and a determinant in the design and manufacture of every fields. So the availability of water and harmony every Penati in Subak members stay in touch with both without problems and chaos.

Now every access road to the farm area has turned into a place of business to meet the needs of tourists when visiting in Ubud, Gianyar Bali, Indonesia. Every year there are always new buildings along the road to Ubud. Also along the road to the farm area. The ongoing development can threaten the preservation of nature and destructive to the Subak organization that depends on the availability of water.

Water is the main factor that determines the existence of an organization Subak in each region. Without water it will stop Subak organization. If the organization is stopped it is no longer the planting of rice in paddy fields. If there is no activity in paddy rice planting, the farmer will change their rice fields into a more profitable, or selling their land than continue to pay no income tax.

If no Subak, can be ascertained, the tourism industry in Ubud would be crippled. Because one of the major tourist attraction in Ubud is terraced rice fields collected in the organizations of which Subak.