Friday, November 21, 2014

The fire occurred at a cafe in Ubud, close to Ubud market

The fire occurred at a cafe in Ubud, close to Ubud market

The fire occurred in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Thursday, November 20, 2014, during the daytime. No casualties, but the loss is estimated at millions of dollars.

The fire probably derived from "Clear Cafe", a cafe owned by American citizens but managed by local residents. Then, the fire quickly creeping up to kepemukiman residents near the cafe, including the burning of the holy place is family owned by Cokorda Dharma Yudha. It is located next to Ubud Market.

Beginning, a fire broke out at around 9:45 am. Allegedly, the fire originated from the cafe kitchen, but immediately spread to the upper part up to the second floor. Most of the buildings are made of wood cafe.

The wind blowing hard enough accelerate the spread of fire. In addition to the cafe, some around the house also burned, as well as three motorcycles and a large size Jenset machine in one of the houses. The fire spread so quickly that it is difficult to control with a little water will be undertaken by the locals.

One of the residents whose homes were also burned said, that his wife was euthanize their grandchildren when the heat hits. At that time, they've hit the roof of the house and fire wood debris that had already been burned. Five fire engines dating localized to overcome these fires.

Had been a traffic jam along the road that passes through the cafe. Residents and tourists thronged the streets near the cafe burned. Travelers who are in the Ubud market is also closer to the location of the fire. Resulting in increasingly difficult road passable for vehicles.