Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pickpockets in Legian Kuta disturbing the tourists

Area of Legian Kuta Bali is very prone to crime. Many tourists who experience bad things while in Legian. One of the most frequent crimes occur in Legian is pickpocketing.

Pickpocketing against foreign tourists in Legian Kuta is very common. More than 20 places are considered to be very vulnerable to crime against foreign tourists. Most tourists in pickpocket is women who carry bags and mobile phones. The pickpocket because they showed valuables in public.

Before pickpocketing cases against foreign tourists there is ample occur in Legian Kuta, formerly of this area are well known as a place

Legian Kuta region, ranging fitted with CCTV. This after the rampant pickpocketing and muggings in Legian.

Police officers work hard to maintain the Kuta region, as the region with the highest tourist arrivals in Bali. In fact, almost every few hours police patrol along a road in Kuta.

If the first foreign tourists often disturbed beggars who asking for money and compassion, but it's been reduced, but the pickpocket more and more. If the first tourists in Legian is still little, so that crime too little. But the more affluent area of Legian, the higher the crime rate.

Pickpockets in Legian Kuta is very coordinated. They always move in action. So difficult to pursue and evidenced by police officers when making arrests. Usually pickpocket who falls alone that can be captured by the police.

Pickpockets in the Legian area are usually young children newly adult. That's because they have a greater energy to run from police. They do pickpocketing at 1:00 am until 5:00 am. When the tourists returned to the hotel after going to the discotheque.