Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Penjor in front of Candi Bentar at Pura Pucak Penulisan

Whenever a ceremony held in Pura Pucak Penulisan, it will look very attractive Penjor, placed in front of the temple gate. Penjor is very interesting and beautifully decorate the temple gate. As if, Penjor is characteristic for a routine celebration held in PucakPenulisan.

Pura Pucak Penulisan located in the region of Mount Batur, located to the west of Pura Batur. This temple not only as a place of worship by Hindus in Bali, as well as a museum for ancient objects that are found in the surrounding area. Just like any other temple in Bali, every six months, held a memorial service, the system is dated using a calculation of the Balinese calendar.

Whenever visiting Pura Puncak Penulisan held during the ceremony, the temple is always decorated by Penjor along the staircase leading to the top. This temple is located on top of a very high hill. If you want to reach this temple area, you must go through a tga numbering in the hundreds. Necessary conditions were primed to reach to the top.

The entrance to the temple area on the hill, you will see a very beautiful ornate gates. Almost all parts of the road to the top is decorated with Penjor. As everyone who passes through the stairs greeted with joy, in order to reach the top with pleasure.

Arriving in front of the temple, the temple gates decorated by Penjor very beautiful. Penjor is made with artistry is very high. Each time the ceremony was held in this temple, the temple gate in PuncakPenulisan are definitely beautiful Penjor.