Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Galungan celebrations The second, on December 17, 2014

Galungan celebrations The second, on December 17, 2014
Galungan is a feast that routinely every six months berasarkan Balinese calendar. So, every year Galungan lasts twice. 2014 has been taking place on May 21, 2014. The second will fall on December 17, 2014.

As usual, the celebration of Galungan, Hindus in Bali will make Penjor and put in front of the house. Each home will install one Penjor. Decorate the family temple, and slaughter pigs. Tradition that has been going on since hundreds of years ago in Bali Indonesia.

It is estimated that in December of this year, there will be very heavy rain. On the day of Galungan will happen heavy rains, and can interfere with activities of citizens. Usually, when the day of Galungan, people would visit the temple that exist around their residence. They are bowing to the temple they visit. So this event is likely to be interrupted by rain.

If you want to watch the activities of the Balinese people as they perform worship at the temple, there came the day of Galungan. Therefore, all the Hindus in Bali to worship at the temple. The whole road in Bali will also be decorated with Penjor. So the feel of Bali will be felt. Feature khan on Bali will be felt when the day of Galungan.

Galungan is designated as a holiday in Bali. Only in Bali around the activities of government and schools were closed when the day. So, all the Hindus in Bali can perform well worship and wisdom, without being distracted official routine. Usually holiday set for three days. The day before, and the day after Galungan is set as a holiday. The day before was the Penampahan. Hada day, Hindus in Bali memersiapkan all facilities and infrastructures for the ceremony, and slaughter pigs to dish when Galungan. The day after is the ManisGalungan. On this day Balinese people stay in touch visit their relatives in distant places, as well as a day for recreation and fun.