Thursday, November 13, 2014

English skill of Ketut Liyer is very less

Ketut Liyer in Ubud Bali
Ketut Liyer as a traditional medicine practitioners are known from a movie titled Eat Pray Love, sought by many tourists from around the country who are visiting Bali. Ketut Liyer known as healers and diviners who are considered able to predict a person's life just by reading palms. Ability in the movie the main attraction by tourists.

Many tourists complain and a little disappointed after meeting with Ketut Liyer. Many people complain the language skills of Ketut. Many of the same word repeated continuously. Many people are confused by words. Expects to receive the results of the forecast mutually agree and can be used to look at the situation in the future, but only disappointed obtained.

Sometimes Ketut Liyer only takes tourists for a chat and a laugh alone. So that the prediction is hard to believe by the tourists. Ketut also very pleased if invited to take pictures with him. Although each session is limited predict with time. Because every day there are many visitors who want to meet with Ketut.

Ketut Liyer on Eat Pray Love movieProfessions such as Ketut Liyer very much in Bali. There are a lot of people become traditional healers with the ability to predict the future. Balinese are known to believe the existence of deity and ancestral spirits. Deity and ancestral spirits have always been part of the lives of the people of Bali. That is why there are many people who have the ability as done by Ketut.

Traditional healers in Bali referred to as "balian". Balian is the name for a physician with supernatural abilities. Being a balian not easy, because it has a huge responsibility to ancestral spirits and the deity.

Balian in Bali selected and appointed by the gods or ancestral spirits. The ability to see the future of the process to predict a person who conducted by balian aided by the gods and ancestral spirits. Because the Balinese people belief that every person has a destiny and a way of life that has been determined by deity.

Ketut Liyer like artist who suddenly famous as a movie Eat Pray Love. Prior to becoming a well-known physician, he was a painter, and earn money from selling paintings to tourists who happened to his house. Today most of the income obtained from the activity to predict the tourists who deliberately wanted to meet with him.