Friday, November 14, 2014

Cheap hotels in Kuta more and more, local residents increasingly uncomfortable

Hotels in Kuta More and more, ranging from cheap to expensive price. Kuta is the center of activity and tourism industry in Bali. Kuta also has a designation as an international city, because there are many people from different countries come together in this city.

More and more hotels, roads increasingly never developed. Residents seemed to be a spectator to the development of the tourism industry in Kuta. Hotel built without a clear concept. Every land to construct the hotel, then it must have been in search of land by investors. The Government had made a moratorium on stopping the construction of new hotels in South of Bali. However, the regulation can not be executed. As if the government can not hold investors to build hotels.

Because the number of hotels in Kuta is more, the fare competition ensued. Hotel room rates are getting cheaper. Hotel which has stood since the first was not able to compete in terms of price of the room. They were forced to improve the quality and service to memikap guests. Unfair competition sometimes occur. Cheap rates tiwarkan to every hotel guest makes the competition is getting tougher.

Residents living Kuta complain with the number of hotels that continues to grow each year. They complained that the environment around the houses become very congested at padati by tall buildings of the new hotel. The building seems to be built for the citizens of the surrounding wall. Just a little sunshine to come in every home due to obstructed by tall buildings around them.

Not only because of the high buildings, roads in the increasingly crowded Kuta area. Almost every day traffic congestion. Residents became difficult activity. Children who will have to leave school to school early, so as not to get stuck in traffic jams.

The owner of a small hotel in Kuta, which is owned by local residents, also must compete with the big hotels that have dozens of rooms. They must compete in terms of quality. Although there are many tourists who come and stay at their hotel, but the numbers are not as much as expected.

From the bad that happens, there are many positive aspects of the hotel which was built in Kuta. The number of jobs is increasing. Bali residents had the opportunity to work in their area without having to leave the area. More jobs, providing a great opportunity for people to earn money and reduce unemployment. Bali is one of the areas in Indonesia with very low unemployment.