Saturday, November 15, 2014

Banten, canangsari, segehan, Pajegan, rarapan, all of it is a means to worship by Hindus in Bali

There are many types of facilities used for worship by Hindus in Bali. All of it is a sacred offering to gods and ancestral spirits. Means ceremonies are always a part of the lives of the people of Bali. From morning until night.

There are many types of offerings with different functions. Offerings also have levels in the manufacturing process. There are three levels in the use of the offerings to pray. All depends on the capabilities.

Most of the offerings made by using coconut leaves and flowers. Fruit is complementary sesua with capabilities. All offerings must be equipped with canangsari. Because canangsari is the most important part and a basic component in an offering.

Banten has a very diverse variations, sizes and numbers are also very diverse. For one type of ceremony, in different places, not necessarily have the same number and type. But in concept, all have the same meaning and components.

The three basic components that must be present in every ceremony by both Hindus are fire, water and flowers. Wherever it is, three basic components must exist. But every country, places, and customs fend for someone, will be adapted to the natural conditions and environment. In Bali all the components into a large fusion in every ceremony. So it looks very luxurious and large.

Canang Sari, segehan, pajegan, banten

Canang Sari, segehan, pajegan, banten

Canang Sari, segehan, pajegan, banten