Tuesday, November 11, 2014

About Bali Mushroom, production house in Kuta, raided by Kuta customs officers

A barn used as a home production of mushroom cultivation, opium or fungi, in Bali, this fungus is known as cow dung fungus. Warehouse was raided by authorities traditional village of Kuta, Bali, during a raid population. Officers conducting the raid found a suspicious barn with no signs of people.

Before conducting the raid, initially only conduct raids against settlers who do not have a residence permit and ID card. When conducting searches in the corners of the city, the officer saw an empty warehouse with no occupants. Once approached, there was suspicious activity in the warehouse. When officers entered the warehouse area ked lam, there are three people who claim to contract the warehouse.

When collecting data, the three people claiming to be from Banyuwangi, East Java. However, no permit while staying in Kuta. When checking in the warehouse, many fungi tai processed beef, or mushroom is ready to harvest. Because unlicensed production, fungus directly confiscated by officers.

When done intograsi to three people who live in warehouse, the mushroom production activities have been carried out for two years. Mushroom production is marketed to Kuta and the surrounding region.

Eating magic mushrooms can cause hallucinations as well as marijuana or other illicit drugs. This type of fungus usually grows in manure. In Indonesia, magic mushrooms are classified as class I drugs, which is regulated in the Law on Narcotics.

Similar to other types of narcotics, the negative effects when taking these mushrooms (magic mushrooms) is having hallucinations high level according to the psychological situation while taking them. The user may not even realize what it is doing right or wrong in the eyes of others. These conditions lead to a variety of other deviant acts.