Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kuta and Seminyak is the best location for the 2015 new year party

Eve 2014 heading into 2015 stay another month. The holiday season will soon arrive. New Year's holiday is perfect for spending time in a tourist destination with friends, relatives, lovers, and family.

From this moment is the right time for you to prepare for year-end holidays 2014. Not too fast, nor too long, one month is a great time and fit to prepare and plan a vacation. You have enough time to plan a budget and a list of activities, including booking accommodation.

Book accommodation minimum of one month before the end of the year, will ensure you get the best deal, even if the selected destination is an area that always rises when the price of the holiday season. Online booking is one way to get the best deals when booking accommodation.

For party lovers, Bali is the year-end holiday destination most appropriate. The island is very friendly to tourists have hundreds, even thousands of restaurants, bars, and cafes are always live through the night. Partying welcome the new year 2015 in Bali is certainly very lively and festive.

No need to worry about the budget. Bali has many cheap and fun evening entertainment. Even to maximize the allocation of funds vacation, you can choose to spend the night in a cheap hotel in Bali are still presenting luxury. Many luxury and cheap hotels in Bali to spend New Year's Eve 2015, but make sure you choose the most strategic location.

Kuta and Seminyat is the best location to fill the new year holidays 2015. Therefore, Kuta and Seminyak is the center of the tourism industry in Bali, as well as a gathering place for tourists from various countries. Two regions in South Bali is indeed a legend that evening's always interesting to visit, as well as to celebrate the turn of the year 2014.

Kuta for new year 2015 party more colorful and crowded.
Almost the entire world know Kuta. Tourists from around the world love Bali as Kuta. In this area, people are presented with a lot of interesting bars for partying. The music keeps beating all night. In fact, each bar also presents a different genre of music. Some night clubs in Bali seed suitable for New Year's Eve in 2015, among others, Hard Rock Cafe, Twice Bar, Sky Garden, Apache Reggae Bar, and Bounty Discothique. Besides partying with drinks and music, in these places you can enjoy a variety of delicious food, watch together.

Seminyak for new year 2015 celebration party more exclusive and private.
As an upscale neighborhood in Bali, Seminyak offers a more elegant evening entertainment. Night club in the region more luxurious design, large size, and the location is hidden to emphasize the impression of exclusivity. For tourists who want a more private party atmosphere, this region is the right choice to spend New Year's Eve 2015 Night club featured in Seminyak are very popular among other Ku.De.Ta, Hu'u Bar, Double Six, Mbargo Club, and Potato Head.

Each region offers a party experience that is so appealing. View the beach and the pool is an added value that is increasingly enliven your new year's eve.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Year 2015 in Bali

Celebrating the new year 2015 in Bali is the right choice, but it would be improper if the weather in Bali is very bad. New Year celebrations are usually held in the evening starting at 7:00 pm until late morning, starting on December 31. Celebration of the new year has become a tradition practiced by many people in many countries.

In Bali, new year celebration party hosted in Kuta. Because Kuta is a gathering place for people from various countries. Kuta is also a center of nightlife in Bali. Many foreign tourists gathered in Kuta. Bali provincial government to provide flexibility for managers of bars, cafes, and discos to make the celebration year in Kuta.

Legian Street is the center of New Year's Eve celebration in Bali. Whenever a new year celebration, Jalan Legian always the center of the celebration. Various parties made. Fireworks, music from the bar, a beautiful woman with a typical New Year's dress, trumpet, and many more fun activities and actions in Kuta.

Every year eve celebration in Kuta, police conducted a more intensive security measures. Almost all roads and corner of the city guarded by police. The police do not want bombing incident that occurred in 2002 happen again. Kuta Beach is also closely guarded. By evening celebration year, all roads leading to the beach of Kuta closed by police. No one vehicle is allowed to enter the path to the beach of Kuta. Tourists who brought the vehicle to be parked in Kuta Cetral Park.

New years eve 2015 in Bali in the estimate will occur rain. Current weather in Bali already started to rain. Since mid-November rain had begun to fall. Until now, the rain continues to happen to stop by in all areas of Bali. The peak of the rainy season in Bali is expected to occur in mid-January 2015.

Before deciding to choose Bali as a New Year's Eve celebration, should be considered to be diahadapi weather problems while in Bali. Because Bali is a tropical island which has a rainy season that occurs every October to April. If rain occurs on the eve of new year celebration, then certainly you plan to enjoy a night of new year celebration in Bali will be disturbed and chaotic. When it rains you would only be in the room.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The ships in the port of Gilimanuk in West Bali

Gilimanuk is located at the western end of the island of Bali. This port becomes the crossings from and to Java. There's a lot of boats in the harbor. The boat carrying passengers, cars, trucks, buses, to heavy equipment for construction needs in Bali. Goods production and consumption needs of the people of Bali as well as through the port of Gilimanuk. Gilimanuk also become a tourist attraction for local residents.

In Java, there Ketapang port. This port is located in Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi in Java, Gilimanuk in Bali. Anchored by two ports and passenger ships that carry people and vehicles. If these two ports on the lid, then erekonomian in Bali will be chaotic. Because many consumer needs in Bali from Java.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The pool in everywhere at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort gives a different sensation in a hotel. The pool throughout the pages of the hotel. The hotel has a swimming pool that is very nauseating, berluk, surrounding the hotel building. Guests will feel comfortable when you are in Bali with tropical weather and hot air.

Water everywhere, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort. Interestingly, when the hotel guests out of the room, there will be directly dihapannya swimming fro. Kalam as swimming is a private facility that can be used anytime. Only the lower floors are available from the pool. For guests who are on the top floor, had to go down to the bottom floor to be able to enjoy the pool.

Another unique thing about the pool at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort is a bar located in the pool. Guests who was swimming can immediately enjoy a refreshing drink, without having finished out of the pool.

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort is located in Nusa Dua, offers an outdoor pool and a spa and wellness center. Free Wi-Fi access is available at this resort.

Rooms are air-conditioned rooms at this accommodation offers a flat-screen satellite TV, minibar, seating area, and a terrace. The dining room is equipped with an electric kettle and coffee machine. Private bathrooms offer showers, bathtubs, and hair dryers. Some rooms offer views of the sea and swimming pool.

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua is located within a short walk from the Museum Pasifika, and a 20-minute drive from Uluwatu and Jimbaran Beach. Ngurah Rai International Airport can be reached by car in 30 menit.Alamat this hotel is located at Jalan Camplung Horn, Nusa Dua, Bali room type divides into three types according breadth respectively, the Luxury Room with a spacious 48 square meters and the Opera Suite the size of the rooms 88-120 square meters. 17 Villa is located in the hotel area has an area ranging from 88 to 420 square meters. It also does not include the facilities owned, such as Wifi, flat TV, super-size bed, plus decoration that looks luxurious and versatile wah.

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort offers a variety of facilities, including meeting facilities, tour desk, and luggage storage. Various activities can be done at the resort or nearby, including cycling. This property also offers free parking.

The resort also offers a variety of dining options, with 4 restaurants and bars are located in the resort. Kwee Zeen is open 24 hours a day and offers international dishes in the menu a la carte or buffet-style cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While Cut Catch Cucina is open for lunch and dinner offering seafood, steaks, and Italian a la carte menu accompanied by a variety of quality wines. In addition, there is also a L'oh Pool Bar where you can enjoy a drink while watching the sunset.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Galungan celebrations The second, on December 17, 2014

Galungan celebrations The second, on December 17, 2014
Galungan is a feast that routinely every six months berasarkan Balinese calendar. So, every year Galungan lasts twice. 2014 has been taking place on May 21, 2014. The second will fall on December 17, 2014.

As usual, the celebration of Galungan, Hindus in Bali will make Penjor and put in front of the house. Each home will install one Penjor. Decorate the family temple, and slaughter pigs. Tradition that has been going on since hundreds of years ago in Bali Indonesia.

It is estimated that in December of this year, there will be very heavy rain. On the day of Galungan will happen heavy rains, and can interfere with activities of citizens. Usually, when the day of Galungan, people would visit the temple that exist around their residence. They are bowing to the temple they visit. So this event is likely to be interrupted by rain.

If you want to watch the activities of the Balinese people as they perform worship at the temple, there came the day of Galungan. Therefore, all the Hindus in Bali to worship at the temple. The whole road in Bali will also be decorated with Penjor. So the feel of Bali will be felt. Feature khan on Bali will be felt when the day of Galungan.

Galungan is designated as a holiday in Bali. Only in Bali around the activities of government and schools were closed when the day. So, all the Hindus in Bali can perform well worship and wisdom, without being distracted official routine. Usually holiday set for three days. The day before, and the day after Galungan is set as a holiday. The day before was the Penampahan. Hada day, Hindus in Bali memersiapkan all facilities and infrastructures for the ceremony, and slaughter pigs to dish when Galungan. The day after is the ManisGalungan. On this day Balinese people stay in touch visit their relatives in distant places, as well as a day for recreation and fun.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weather in Bali is entering the rainy season

Weather in Bali today is entering the rainy season. The peak of the rainy season is expected to occur in January 2015. The rain will occur very sizzle. Therefore, in 2014 this happened a very long dry season. Resulting in drought in nearly all regions of Bali.

The weather today is dominated by cloudy. Sometimes the sound of thunder. For farmers, the rainy season is a blessing, because they are able to grow rice in the rice fields. In some places in Bali have started in the rain flush.

Kuta Beach will be a hell coast during the rainy season. You can bet every day this beach will get garbage from the river around Kuta. Garbage will pile up like a landfill. Conditions that always occurs every year during the rainy season.

Not only is the beach of Kuta which will be met by the garbage during the rainy season, also Legian and Seminyak. Government and local residents must work harder to clean up the garbage. Perhaps the current circumstances, a lot of garbage that will not be transported from the beach.

Weather in Bali today is the rainy season and is not suitable for outdoor activities. For very hard can work well when it rains. The body is sure to be wet if exposed to rain.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The natural beauty and terraced rice fields in Ubud may be maintained and not destroyed

Ubud (Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia) has a natural beauty that is very beautiful.
Ubud (Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia) has a natural beauty that is very beautiful. Terraced rice fields between the mountains and the hills are green, make Ubud became a tourist destination that is always visited by tourists from foreign countries. Although the times and the changing patterns of human life continues to happen, but traditional life of farmers in Bali, preserve natural and traditional feel in some corner of the city.

Residents living in Ubud traditional environment and the arts. In every field always include elements of art in each activity. Included in the plan-making plant rice and paddy. Rice fields made based on technical calculations and art. This can be seen from the form of the arrangement of each rice terraces that look very beautiful, Gary's well ordered. Until now the view of terraced rice fields made since time immemorial, a tourist attraction, and bring in tourists to spend money in Ubud.

Terraced rice fields in Ubud formed from uneven ground contours. Farmers cultivate their land situation taking into account the availability of water as an absolute syawat to be able to grow rice. Terraced rice paddy made to the process plant can be made between the uneven hills.

Not only is the water factor, Subak organizations also play a role in the formation of terraced rice openting in Ubud. Subak is the initial foundation in all the activities in the fields. Subak be a regulator and a determinant in the design and manufacture of every fields. So the availability of water and harmony every Penati in Subak members stay in touch with both without problems and chaos.

Now every access road to the farm area has turned into a place of business to meet the needs of tourists when visiting in Ubud, Gianyar Bali, Indonesia. Every year there are always new buildings along the road to Ubud. Also along the road to the farm area. The ongoing development can threaten the preservation of nature and destructive to the Subak organization that depends on the availability of water.

Water is the main factor that determines the existence of an organization Subak in each region. Without water it will stop Subak organization. If the organization is stopped it is no longer the planting of rice in paddy fields. If there is no activity in paddy rice planting, the farmer will change their rice fields into a more profitable, or selling their land than continue to pay no income tax.

If no Subak, can be ascertained, the tourism industry in Ubud would be crippled. Because one of the major tourist attraction in Ubud is terraced rice fields collected in the organizations of which Subak.

The fire occurred at a cafe in Ubud, close to Ubud market

The fire occurred at a cafe in Ubud, close to Ubud market

The fire occurred in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Thursday, November 20, 2014, during the daytime. No casualties, but the loss is estimated at millions of dollars.

The fire probably derived from "Clear Cafe", a cafe owned by American citizens but managed by local residents. Then, the fire quickly creeping up to kepemukiman residents near the cafe, including the burning of the holy place is family owned by Cokorda Dharma Yudha. It is located next to Ubud Market.

Beginning, a fire broke out at around 9:45 am. Allegedly, the fire originated from the cafe kitchen, but immediately spread to the upper part up to the second floor. Most of the buildings are made of wood cafe.

The wind blowing hard enough accelerate the spread of fire. In addition to the cafe, some around the house also burned, as well as three motorcycles and a large size Jenset machine in one of the houses. The fire spread so quickly that it is difficult to control with a little water will be undertaken by the locals.

One of the residents whose homes were also burned said, that his wife was euthanize their grandchildren when the heat hits. At that time, they've hit the roof of the house and fire wood debris that had already been burned. Five fire engines dating localized to overcome these fires.

Had been a traffic jam along the road that passes through the cafe. Residents and tourists thronged the streets near the cafe burned. Travelers who are in the Ubud market is also closer to the location of the fire. Resulting in increasingly difficult road passable for vehicles.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Australian woman in the pickpocket in Kuta, Bali

A woman desperate Australia, in pickpocketing by a man in Kuta, Bali. Beginning, the woman walked with her down the sidewalk on a street in Kuta. Suddenly there was a man on a motorcycle approached the woman. Then, the man pull a small bag which brought the woman. But the woman and held her tightly against his bag, so that the woman and the thief fell. The woman was screaming, so that residents in the immediate vicinity to help her.

Pickpockets are in tending to the woman and also help residents beat the pickpockets. Luckily there are police and security guard who was passing. So that the thief can be saved from the wrath of the citizens.

Beginning this incident occurred on Sunday, November 16th, 2014, the night approximately 22:15 hours, at Jl. Beraban, Banjar Taman, kelod Kerobokan, North Kuta, Badung, Bali. The man who stole a bag lady from Australia that came from Jember, East Java. His face is battered in at times. Currently, the man at the police station, and is punishable by imprisonment for at least five years.

Incidents like this very often are conducive in Kuta. Many foreign tourists who are victims of pickpocketing. Most of the actors are migrants from outside Bali. They are targeting foreign tourists on the grounds has a very large property that it carries.

Not only pickpocketing against foreign tourists, as well as pick-pocketing and robbery are now common in Bali. Condition of the growing tourism and economy of the people of Bali are growing, make Bali as a target of a crime by criminals from various locations.

The police and local security forces have been doing surveillance and monitoring to the maximum in crowded places in Bali, with the goal of providing a sense of security and comfort to the tourists who were vacationing in Bali. However, adverse events and crime always happens. It was very difficult to avoid, because the needs and lifestyle of criminals who are always disturbing residents and tourists.

Pickpockets in Legian Kuta disturbing the tourists

Area of Legian Kuta Bali is very prone to crime. Many tourists who experience bad things while in Legian. One of the most frequent crimes occur in Legian is pickpocketing.

Pickpocketing against foreign tourists in Legian Kuta is very common. More than 20 places are considered to be very vulnerable to crime against foreign tourists. Most tourists in pickpocket is women who carry bags and mobile phones. The pickpocket because they showed valuables in public.

Before pickpocketing cases against foreign tourists there is ample occur in Legian Kuta, formerly of this area are well known as a place

Legian Kuta region, ranging fitted with CCTV. This after the rampant pickpocketing and muggings in Legian.

Police officers work hard to maintain the Kuta region, as the region with the highest tourist arrivals in Bali. In fact, almost every few hours police patrol along a road in Kuta.

If the first foreign tourists often disturbed beggars who asking for money and compassion, but it's been reduced, but the pickpocket more and more. If the first tourists in Legian is still little, so that crime too little. But the more affluent area of Legian, the higher the crime rate.

Pickpockets in Legian Kuta is very coordinated. They always move in action. So difficult to pursue and evidenced by police officers when making arrests. Usually pickpocket who falls alone that can be captured by the police.

Pickpockets in the Legian area are usually young children newly adult. That's because they have a greater energy to run from police. They do pickpocketing at 1:00 am until 5:00 am. When the tourists returned to the hotel after going to the discotheque.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Banten, canangsari, segehan, Pajegan, rarapan, all of it is a means to worship by Hindus in Bali

There are many types of facilities used for worship by Hindus in Bali. All of it is a sacred offering to gods and ancestral spirits. Means ceremonies are always a part of the lives of the people of Bali. From morning until night.

There are many types of offerings with different functions. Offerings also have levels in the manufacturing process. There are three levels in the use of the offerings to pray. All depends on the capabilities.

Most of the offerings made by using coconut leaves and flowers. Fruit is complementary sesua with capabilities. All offerings must be equipped with canangsari. Because canangsari is the most important part and a basic component in an offering.

Banten has a very diverse variations, sizes and numbers are also very diverse. For one type of ceremony, in different places, not necessarily have the same number and type. But in concept, all have the same meaning and components.

The three basic components that must be present in every ceremony by both Hindus are fire, water and flowers. Wherever it is, three basic components must exist. But every country, places, and customs fend for someone, will be adapted to the natural conditions and environment. In Bali all the components into a large fusion in every ceremony. So it looks very luxurious and large.

Canang Sari, segehan, pajegan, banten

Canang Sari, segehan, pajegan, banten

Canang Sari, segehan, pajegan, banten

Friday, November 14, 2014

Decorating the temple when the implementation of the ceremony

Decorating the temple at the time of the ceremony, a human being who is getting married. Decorate the temple has the aim that each temple looks beautiful, fresh, and lively. Since the temple is a place of ancestral spirits.

The temple is a means to concentrate man when praying. The temple also as a means of concentration of the mind during the process of praying going on. God can not be seen, because that's the Balinese make the temple as a place to concentrate while praying.

Generally temples were decorated with yellow and white cloth. Yellow is a symbol of glory, glory, prosperity. God is very precious, ancestral spirits are also very precious, without human ancestors at this time would not exist.

White means sacred. Holy in thought, word, and deed. Each temple building highly purified. That is why temples in Bali using white warha and cats to decorate each temple. With the aim that every person who came to pray at the temple fortunately, have a clean and pure mind, and glory to God, as the ruler of life.

The temple is also decorated with umbul-umbul and umbrellas. Umbul-umbul are a symbol of the greatness of God, while the umbrella aims to give respect kemata God. As with the king and queen in ancient times. Each king and queen traveling, surely there is next to the ladies who will bring an umbrella. Likewise with any mounted umbrella. As a form of respect for human devotion kepad God.

Decorating the temple when the implementation of the ceremony

Decorating the temple when the implementation of the ceremony

Decorating the temple when the implementation of the ceremony

Cheap hotels in Kuta more and more, local residents increasingly uncomfortable

Hotels in Kuta More and more, ranging from cheap to expensive price. Kuta is the center of activity and tourism industry in Bali. Kuta also has a designation as an international city, because there are many people from different countries come together in this city.

More and more hotels, roads increasingly never developed. Residents seemed to be a spectator to the development of the tourism industry in Kuta. Hotel built without a clear concept. Every land to construct the hotel, then it must have been in search of land by investors. The Government had made a moratorium on stopping the construction of new hotels in South of Bali. However, the regulation can not be executed. As if the government can not hold investors to build hotels.

Because the number of hotels in Kuta is more, the fare competition ensued. Hotel room rates are getting cheaper. Hotel which has stood since the first was not able to compete in terms of price of the room. They were forced to improve the quality and service to memikap guests. Unfair competition sometimes occur. Cheap rates tiwarkan to every hotel guest makes the competition is getting tougher.

Residents living Kuta complain with the number of hotels that continues to grow each year. They complained that the environment around the houses become very congested at padati by tall buildings of the new hotel. The building seems to be built for the citizens of the surrounding wall. Just a little sunshine to come in every home due to obstructed by tall buildings around them.

Not only because of the high buildings, roads in the increasingly crowded Kuta area. Almost every day traffic congestion. Residents became difficult activity. Children who will have to leave school to school early, so as not to get stuck in traffic jams.

The owner of a small hotel in Kuta, which is owned by local residents, also must compete with the big hotels that have dozens of rooms. They must compete in terms of quality. Although there are many tourists who come and stay at their hotel, but the numbers are not as much as expected.

From the bad that happens, there are many positive aspects of the hotel which was built in Kuta. The number of jobs is increasing. Bali residents had the opportunity to work in their area without having to leave the area. More jobs, providing a great opportunity for people to earn money and reduce unemployment. Bali is one of the areas in Indonesia with very low unemployment.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

English skill of Ketut Liyer is very less

Ketut Liyer in Ubud Bali
Ketut Liyer as a traditional medicine practitioners are known from a movie titled Eat Pray Love, sought by many tourists from around the country who are visiting Bali. Ketut Liyer known as healers and diviners who are considered able to predict a person's life just by reading palms. Ability in the movie the main attraction by tourists.

Many tourists complain and a little disappointed after meeting with Ketut Liyer. Many people complain the language skills of Ketut. Many of the same word repeated continuously. Many people are confused by words. Expects to receive the results of the forecast mutually agree and can be used to look at the situation in the future, but only disappointed obtained.

Sometimes Ketut Liyer only takes tourists for a chat and a laugh alone. So that the prediction is hard to believe by the tourists. Ketut also very pleased if invited to take pictures with him. Although each session is limited predict with time. Because every day there are many visitors who want to meet with Ketut.

Ketut Liyer on Eat Pray Love movieProfessions such as Ketut Liyer very much in Bali. There are a lot of people become traditional healers with the ability to predict the future. Balinese are known to believe the existence of deity and ancestral spirits. Deity and ancestral spirits have always been part of the lives of the people of Bali. That is why there are many people who have the ability as done by Ketut.

Traditional healers in Bali referred to as "balian". Balian is the name for a physician with supernatural abilities. Being a balian not easy, because it has a huge responsibility to ancestral spirits and the deity.

Balian in Bali selected and appointed by the gods or ancestral spirits. The ability to see the future of the process to predict a person who conducted by balian aided by the gods and ancestral spirits. Because the Balinese people belief that every person has a destiny and a way of life that has been determined by deity.

Ketut Liyer like artist who suddenly famous as a movie Eat Pray Love. Prior to becoming a well-known physician, he was a painter, and earn money from selling paintings to tourists who happened to his house. Today most of the income obtained from the activity to predict the tourists who deliberately wanted to meet with him.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free visa to Indonesia for Australia, Japan, China, South Korea and Russia

Indonesia expects foreign tourist arrivals as 20000000 people, in the period 2014-2019, the tourism sector will soon be set free visa for a short visit to the five countries that are major markets of Indonesian tourism. The goal is clear, to increase the interest of tourists from five countries in order to visit Indonesia, to travel and spend holidays in Indonesia.

Five states set by the government for a visa-free short visit are Australia, Japan, China, South Korea and Russia. Tourists from five countries from January 2015 visit Indonesia without a visa. Tourists from China, Russia, Australia, Japan and South Korea will free visa for a vacation to Indonesia, but Indonesia still need a tourist visa there unless Japanese visa free to e-passports Indonesia.

Step visa exemption for the five countries are Indonesia's strategy to reach as many tourists as possible from 5 countries. These countries are the main target of foreign tourists visiting the target. For example, China, the middle class in China is huge country and it is the potential for the tourism industry in Indonesia.

The tourists who are traveling to Indonesia must obtain a visa from one of the Indonesian diplomatic missions, but coming from one of the visa-free countries or countries that apply visa-on-arrival. All travelers must have a passport that is valid for 6 months.

Passport to Indonesia potent apparently used in 56 countries without a visa in advance. Because, there are countries that freed entirely or impose visa visa on arrival for tourists Indonesia is usually obtained at the arrival airport. There are also special conditions such as China. To China need a visa, but the visa-free traveler Indonesia to Hong Kong, Macau and Hainan.

Previously, predefined 15 countries visa-free facilities is temporary visit to Indonesia.
1. Brunei Darussalam
2. Chile
3. Hong Kong
4. Macau
5. Malaysia
6. Morocco
7. Peru
8. Philippines
9. Singapore
10. Thailand
11. Vietnam
12. Ecuador
13. Cambodia
14. Laos
15. Myanmar

About Bali Mushroom, production house in Kuta, raided by Kuta customs officers

A barn used as a home production of mushroom cultivation, opium or fungi, in Bali, this fungus is known as cow dung fungus. Warehouse was raided by authorities traditional village of Kuta, Bali, during a raid population. Officers conducting the raid found a suspicious barn with no signs of people.

Before conducting the raid, initially only conduct raids against settlers who do not have a residence permit and ID card. When conducting searches in the corners of the city, the officer saw an empty warehouse with no occupants. Once approached, there was suspicious activity in the warehouse. When officers entered the warehouse area ked lam, there are three people who claim to contract the warehouse.

When collecting data, the three people claiming to be from Banyuwangi, East Java. However, no permit while staying in Kuta. When checking in the warehouse, many fungi tai processed beef, or mushroom is ready to harvest. Because unlicensed production, fungus directly confiscated by officers.

When done intograsi to three people who live in warehouse, the mushroom production activities have been carried out for two years. Mushroom production is marketed to Kuta and the surrounding region.

Eating magic mushrooms can cause hallucinations as well as marijuana or other illicit drugs. This type of fungus usually grows in manure. In Indonesia, magic mushrooms are classified as class I drugs, which is regulated in the Law on Narcotics.

Similar to other types of narcotics, the negative effects when taking these mushrooms (magic mushrooms) is having hallucinations high level according to the psychological situation while taking them. The user may not even realize what it is doing right or wrong in the eyes of others. These conditions lead to a variety of other deviant acts.

Penjor in front of Candi Bentar at Pura Pucak Penulisan

Whenever a ceremony held in Pura Pucak Penulisan, it will look very attractive Penjor, placed in front of the temple gate. Penjor is very interesting and beautifully decorate the temple gate. As if, Penjor is characteristic for a routine celebration held in PucakPenulisan.

Pura Pucak Penulisan located in the region of Mount Batur, located to the west of Pura Batur. This temple not only as a place of worship by Hindus in Bali, as well as a museum for ancient objects that are found in the surrounding area. Just like any other temple in Bali, every six months, held a memorial service, the system is dated using a calculation of the Balinese calendar.

Whenever visiting Pura Puncak Penulisan held during the ceremony, the temple is always decorated by Penjor along the staircase leading to the top. This temple is located on top of a very high hill. If you want to reach this temple area, you must go through a tga numbering in the hundreds. Necessary conditions were primed to reach to the top.

The entrance to the temple area on the hill, you will see a very beautiful ornate gates. Almost all parts of the road to the top is decorated with Penjor. As everyone who passes through the stairs greeted with joy, in order to reach the top with pleasure.

Arriving in front of the temple, the temple gates decorated by Penjor very beautiful. Penjor is made with artistry is very high. Each time the ceremony was held in this temple, the temple gate in PuncakPenulisan are definitely beautiful Penjor.