Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spider-Man, a man from Australia into the conversation

A man from Australia referred to as Spider-Man by medical personnel who handle, after surgery in fro, to take the spider that goes into the skin tissue in the stomach.

At that time, Dylan Maxwell vacation to Bali, Indonesia. Then he found a small scar on his body. With traits like red trail near the navel to the chest. When the Australian television interview, Maxwell said that the spider is likely to enter the body from a wound near his stomach. From there, the spider was to crawl under the skin to the chest, and leaving a trail of red on her skin.

He was immediately visited the local medical center in Bali. She was then given a prescription antihistamines to relieve symptoms caused by insect bites. After that, the medics run a variety of tests and finally found the spider in his body. Spiders belong to the body and is in the body for three days.

The incident had never happened, he was very relieved to have resolved. Medics managed to pull the spider out of the belly button, then enter the spider into the specimen bottle and carry it away.

Spiders are easy to find in Bali. Almost all places in Bali there are spiders. Not only in the wild, is also in the house, in the corners of the room, up in the closet there was a spider. For residents of Bali, spiders are animals counterweight. Sometimes spiders allowed to live in the house, with the aim to reduce the number of mosquitoes and other insects. Because spider webs can catch mosquitoes flying.