Monday, October 6, 2014

Remembering the 2002 Bali bombing tragedy at Jalan Legian

Bali bombing tragedy at Jalan Legian
2002 Bali bombing tragedy leaves bad memories for the victims and their families. Also the families of those who died because of the bomb blast. 2002 Bali bomb blast is the most horrible of acts of terrorism ever in Indonesia. Because caused many casualties. Not only local residents, as well as foreign tourists who were in the place. Bali bombings in 2002 also made ​​the tourism industry in Bali became worse. Even the Balinese people experiencing economic crisis, especially those working in the tourism sector. Also businesses in tourism. Many are bankrupt and sell their premises, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Now 12 years have passed since the 2002 Bali bombing occurred on Jalan Legian. At the scene of a bomb explosion menomen visible only to register the name of the victim who died as a result of a bomb. Monument to the bomb tragedy, has become one of the sights very crowded touristy. Not only local, also from different countries. This monument is very crowded during October, the month of the occurrence of a bomb explosion in 2002, precisely on 12 October 2002 Most who visit this monument in October is Australian. They pray for the friends and relatives of those killed in the place.

Since the Bali bomb monument made​​, since the government routinely makes poignant ceremony to commemorate the tragedy. But this year is not yet known whether a similar ceremony will be made ​​or not. But there are many people who offered prayers since early October. Some flowers are placed by visitors from sight. Towards 12 October, the monument is more and more.

In the vicinity of the 2002 Bali bombing monument, many discos, bars, and cafes built. Though everyone knows, that the target of the bombing was carried out by terrorists of foreign tourists from America and its allies. At least the tourists who visit the discotheque near the monument always be alert and aware, that in place of the bomb blasts have occurred very large, to make a lot of people dead and injured.

Recorded 202 fatalities and 209 wounded or injured, most of the victims were foreign tourists who are visiting the location of the tourist attractions. Most are citizens of Australia who are enjoying the nightlife in the area.