Saturday, October 18, 2014

Penjor not only to celebrate of Galungan

Penjor is synonymous with the celebration of Galungan. When in fact Penjor not only made to celebrate of Galungan. Penjor also be used to decorate a temple during a great festival and ceremony.

Penjor made ​​very nice with a variety of decorations and ornaments suitable and harmonious. Created for the purpose of giving the impression of lively and excited at a temple. Made very much and placed in the appropriate places. Although the actual function of a Penjor is to show respect to the gods of the mountain at Besakih.

Great temple ceremony, definitely make Penjor. However, not all temples make Penjor with large numbers. Depending on the traditions and customs as well as the ability of citizens to make Penjor. Good or view a Penjor depends on the ability of citizens and the availability of raw material which is owned.

The raw materials used to create a highly accessible Penjor, because it consists of bamboo and palm leaves. Sometimes equipped with fabrics and ornaments from paper to beautify the look of a pejor.

Every six months, the Balinese celebrate Galungan. When the day of Galungan, all citizens of the Hindu religion in Bali makes a Penjor, which is installed in front of the house. When the day of Galungan, all the roads in Bali will look very beautiful, because along with the ornament attached Penjor diverse. Penjor to celebrate Galungan is a prestige and exhibition conducted by the manufacturer.

To create a modern Penjor with luxurious and beautiful appearance, requires at least 200 dollars. For Balinese people have money, they buy equipment that is ready to be assembled Penjor. But for residents in rural Bali, they use natural materials to make Penjor.