Thursday, October 16, 2014

Long drought occurred in Bali, farmers languish

As a result of a drought that occurred this year, 119 hectares of rice crops in of Bali experienced a crop failure, because a lot of rice fields affected by drought due to no water. Since most of the water from the river to the rice fields. Many rivers are experiencing drought.

Overall, the number of horticultural paddy in Bali reached 400 hectares. Most of the rice plants are in Tabanan. Rice fields that experience drought mostly occurs in Central of Bali, South of Bali and North of Bali. Soil drought in Tabanan, Buleleng, Denpasar and Badung. To compensate farmers who failed, the Department of Agriculture of Bali donated maize and rice seedlings.

Rice plants require lots of water, when compared to other horticultural. Long drought this year are not predictable beforehand. So that farmers can not determine the exact type of plants to be planted when the drought. Farmers planting rice just follow the schedule according to the season in general.

Weather conditions that took place lately difficult to determine with certainty. The season is no longer within their schedule. Sometimes the rain occurs in the dry season, and vice