Saturday, October 18, 2014

Long drought in Bali

This year, 2014, Bali and most regions in Indonesia was hit by drought. Long drought this year is to be a natural disaster. Drought occurs everywhere. Reduced supply of clean water. Many of the plants to wither and die. Nothing can be done by the government and citizens. Can only wait until this drought ends soon. 

In Bali, there are only two seasons, dry and rainy seasons. If the season does not change, no mess, right on schedule, the rainy season usually occurs in September, October, Novermber and December. Sometimes it happens at the beginning of the year in January to March. And the dry season usually occurs from April to August, sometimes from January to July. Although it is not appropriate to the month, but every year the inevitable two seasons namely dry and rainy.

This year, the rainy season occurs only at the beginning of 2014. Taking place not too long. Only occurs from January to March. Once the rainy season is very rare. Intensity is very low and slightly up in June.

After the rainy season in early 2014, droughts occurred until this month. The dry season is very different to previous years. The heat of the sun was very high. Balinese people are not used to the extreme heat. Husu uadara almost reached 33 degrees Celsius. Every day is always the same, very hot.

In some areas in West Bali, North Bali, East Bali and South Bali, many rivers are experiencing drought. Water is difficult to obtain, even wells are also drying up. Farmers who rely on river water can not irrigate their rice fields, so this year many farmers crop failure due to droughts with very high heat.

In West Bali, it is clearly seen the effects of a long drought this year. Almost all of the plants that were on the roadside, all without the leaves wither. Even in some areas many plants die because they do not get water. The farther west to Gilimanuk, natural conditions become drier. Heat increasingly felt, and the more natural looks barren with many plants die without leaves.

If the sun directly exposed to sunlight during the day, in three minutes the skin will be red like fire. Very hot with temperatures up to 33 degrees celceus. Almost every day people complain of heat, with sweat that much. Drinking water has always been the target for reducing dehydration from sweat that kept out.

Bali this year is very dry and hot. As a result of climate change and deforestation, many rivers dry up without water. When the rainy season is going to happen someday, flood is likely to occur, because the river flows directly into the river without being obstructed dead trees dry out.