Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hopefully there was no bombing in late 2014's

Bali bombing that happened in 2002 ago, leaving a funeral for the survivors and families of victims who died. Bomb in Kuta, on Legian Street, is the largest bombing in Indonesia, which left hundreds of people dead. Most are foreign tourists who were vacationing in Bali Indonesia. 

Many people are still worried if the bombings will happen again in Bali Indonesia. Bali suffered two bombings, in 2002 and 2005. Even in the days of bombing, the bomb exploded not only in one place, but rather occur in two different places. Surely this makes a lot of people into the trauma and fear, if it will happen again in the years to come.

Bali bombing that occurred in Kuta, carried out by local terrorists is an international network. Terrorists targeting foreign nationals residing in Indonesia. Of course, for reasons that are unclear and difficult to understand. The terrorists involved in bomb explosion in Jalan Legian in fonis have the death penalty and were executed. There were three terrorists who had been put to death.

Although the terrorists involved in the Kuta bombing dead. But, anxiety and worry are still felt by some residents of Bali Indonesia, especially those working in the tourism sector. They fear that the bombing will happen again. Many people pray and hope it does not happen again. Just before the end of the year, Bali residents who work in the tourism sector began to worry. Even some of them away from the center of Kuta tourism d, frightened by the crowds of foreign tourists. Hope in case of bombing in Kuta, it can be spared and survived.

Everyone was really looking forward greatly to the police and intelligence officers to the safety of Balinese and foreign tourists who are on vacation. Hope the police and intelligence to overcome any potential bombing. Alertness of intelligence and police officers guarding the Bali greatly affect the mental condition of the people. Residents are looking forward to guarantee the safety in order to act with calm and safe.

Towards the end of 2014, we all hope that there is no longer a sad tragedy that never happened. We all need to pray to God, let terrible tragedy does not occur in the 2014's. So that we can live safely and quietly, without anxiety and fear. If Bali  safe, Indonesia could be trusted as a country that is very worth to visit for day trips.