Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hell places in Bali

Bali Indonesia is now no longer a fun place to vacation. Many attractions in Bali is now becoming an unpleasant place for tourists. Pollution, garbage, sewage, are some of the factors that make the attractions in Bali looks very seedy and unpleasant.

Traffic jams in Bali occurred in almost all streets in the center of tourism in Bali. There is no solution that can be done by the government to tackle traffic jams in Bali. Roads are very narrow, custom rules, growing population, fuel prices were cheap, and cars are getting cheaper and easier in the purchase, is a major cause of traffic jams in Bali.

Bali island had received the title as hell by one of America's leading media. Predicate was not wrong, even the governor of Bali admit, that Bali is an island hell. Due to the fact that there can not be disputed, so it is difficult to deny the tourism actors.

Many places that make Bali dubbed as hell for tourists and foreign tourists. The following are the places which give a title to the island of Bali Indonesia as hell:

1. All roads in the south of Bali. 
The road is one of support and facilities to support tourism. South Bali is the center of business and tourism, one of which is Kuta. Almost all the roads in southern Bali, for example, the way to and from the airports, roads around Kuta Beach, The road to Nusa Dua, Jimbaran way around, and the way in tourism centers. All the roads are very frequent traffic jams. If you pass in the street, you have to have patience and be prepared to get angry and complain, because it will encounter traffic jams which is very annoying. This condition would greatly impede the tourists to travel to the attraction. The right time is a difficult thing obtained in Bali with the road conditions are always traffic jams. If you are stuck in traffic jams, then you would feel being in hell.

2. Kuta Beach. 
Kuta Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Bali. With brownish white sand, and the waves of the sea that is great for surfing, make Kuta beach as the best place in the search by tourists while in Bali. Kuta beach but not a nice beach to get some peace and comfort. During the rainy season in Bali, Kuta beach filled with garbage, until the entire segment covered by trash coast. Repugnant to the stench. The sea water became very muddy and dirty. Very good for surfing, as it may injure skin by waste wood float.

3. Jalan Kartika Kuta 
This road is one of the most crowded in through the pedestrian in Kuta. Along this road there are many hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. This road section is also very quite wide, can be passed by two cars in the opposite direction. Roads in dikatankan as beraka, because a lot of beggars masquerading as a souvenir sellers. Sometimes they force pedestrians to buy goods. In some places there are many children begging and asking for money to pedestrians. In this way is also very Resing pickpocketing cases to foreign tourists.

4. Sanur area 
The atmosphere will be felt in Sanur hell during the rainy season. This area is prone to flooding in the rainy season. Many places submerged in water. It is hard to imagine if we pass in Sanur sudden flooding in and we got stuck in between the flood high water.

5. Area along Tukad Badung 
Tukad Badung is a large river that empties in Badung in Bali. The river is very large, but has a foul smell in some parts. The river is also filled with garbage. This garbage coming from the housing market and around the river, who throw garbage into the river. Shops,
markets, the textile industry, they dump the waste into the river, so the river is very tercemat and dirty. All dirt, rubbish, and waste in this river empties into the ocean will be in South Bali, one of which is Kuta beach. That's why Kuta beach becomes very dirty during the rainy season.