Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Canang sari is characteristic of Bali

Canang sari often used by people of Bali to worship in any place. Canang sari is the principal component in the making of offerings. Made from a wide range of interest, with varying colors and interesting shapes. 

When viewed from the exterior, visible only canang sari composed of a series of relationship and leaves a circular or box shaped, with a slight fragrance. However, if the surgery is in, canang sari actually composed of various materials. The materials that make up a canang sari have meaning in every part.

The materials forming the essence cymbals consist of leaves, flowers, lime, fragrance, and stick. If ordinary people who see only canang sari menila in terms of appearance alone. But if the people of Bali who have had a good understanding of the spiritual, then every canang sari will be assessed based on the completeness of the materials used, not only the outer appearance alone.

All offerings are made ​​and intended for worship must be gnashing canansari. Without canasari each offering not have any meaning, it has no meaning whatsoever, and will not function optimally nd meaningful.

Every time people making canang sari, they will make it very much. Perhaps more than ten. Used for more than one place offerings. Not only for the gods, also for ancestral spirits, evil spirits and good spirits. All life is given to maintaining harmony between humans, gods, and ancestral spirits.

Once created, canang sari usually stacked on a large baking sheet. Stacked and arranged so as not to fall and easy to carry for the offerings to the gods, ancestral spirits, and demons.

Canang sari very easy to obtain, can be purchased in traditional markets across the region in Bali. Make canang sari and selling it is an economic activity. Canang sari first made ​​independently, but now can be obtained in the market with some money. In fact there are some people who are willing to make canang sari based orders.