Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Found the body of male tourists in a paddy field in Bali

Male corpse was found in a rice field in Badung Bali, on Tuesday morning, October 21, 2014. Police have identified the body with the name Robert Kelvin Ellis, 60, who lives in the area of ​​Sanur.

Location discovery of the bodies away from the location of settlements. When found, the body was in between the two tourist town of Ubud and Kuta. The bodies are likely to be killed, because the body was nearly severed neck slashed with sharp objects. When found the body was wrapped in plastic. Police also found a piece of carpet, cash, and a cell phone.
In the face are a result of blunt force injuries and open wounds in the neck.

The corpse has characteristics in dental fillings former top there. Also in the abdomen right side there is the incision.

An autopsy medical team, found several scars sharp weapon and a blunt object. On his neck there are three sharp weapons penetrating incision veins. The injuries allegedly made ​​the victim lost a lot of blood and eventually die.

Based on the preliminary investigation, the victim was known faceless male and Caucasian. He was wrapped in a bed cover, mats, and plastic. Citizens found in a ditch near a rice field, around 08:00 am.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spider-Man, a man from Australia into the conversation

A man from Australia referred to as Spider-Man by medical personnel who handle, after surgery in fro, to take the spider that goes into the skin tissue in the stomach.

At that time, Dylan Maxwell vacation to Bali, Indonesia. Then he found a small scar on his body. With traits like red trail near the navel to the chest. When the Australian television interview, Maxwell said that the spider is likely to enter the body from a wound near his stomach. From there, the spider was to crawl under the skin to the chest, and leaving a trail of red on her skin.

He was immediately visited the local medical center in Bali. She was then given a prescription antihistamines to relieve symptoms caused by insect bites. After that, the medics run a variety of tests and finally found the spider in his body. Spiders belong to the body and is in the body for three days.

The incident had never happened, he was very relieved to have resolved. Medics managed to pull the spider out of the belly button, then enter the spider into the specimen bottle and carry it away.

Spiders are easy to find in Bali. Almost all places in Bali there are spiders. Not only in the wild, is also in the house, in the corners of the room, up in the closet there was a spider. For residents of Bali, spiders are animals counterweight. Sometimes spiders allowed to live in the house, with the aim to reduce the number of mosquitoes and other insects. Because spider webs can catch mosquitoes flying.

InterContinental Bali Resort Wins World Travel Awards

InterContinental Bali Resort won the prestigious World Travel Awards in the category of the leading MICE hotel in Bali. InterContinental Bali Resort is located on Jalan Uluwatu 45, Jimbaran, Bali. The award was given because the hotel was considered smart and able to coordinate meetings, incentives, conferences, and other events such as weddings, receptions and private dinners of up to 750 participants in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.

InterContinental Bali Resort is known to have modern meeting facilities of Puri Kencana Ballroom for up to eight multifunctional rooms. Among the prestigious facilities, including three and two Board Meeting Rooms are located adjacent to the special entrance and parking area.

World Travel Awards are the highest honors in the fields of industry and tourism pelesiran this century. Nominations are based on a vote the preceding year, together with the recommendations made by travel agents, tourism and hospitality industry professionals.

At the moment the new technology ensures that tourism and travel has maintained its position as one of the fastest growing industries on Earth, anyone or any institution that won the World Travel Award award would be recognition that the products offered have been recognized in the world.

Hopefully there was no bombing in late 2014's

Bali bombing that happened in 2002 ago, leaving a funeral for the survivors and families of victims who died. Bomb in Kuta, on Legian Street, is the largest bombing in Indonesia, which left hundreds of people dead. Most are foreign tourists who were vacationing in Bali Indonesia. 

Many people are still worried if the bombings will happen again in Bali Indonesia. Bali suffered two bombings, in 2002 and 2005. Even in the days of bombing, the bomb exploded not only in one place, but rather occur in two different places. Surely this makes a lot of people into the trauma and fear, if it will happen again in the years to come.

Bali bombing that occurred in Kuta, carried out by local terrorists is an international network. Terrorists targeting foreign nationals residing in Indonesia. Of course, for reasons that are unclear and difficult to understand. The terrorists involved in bomb explosion in Jalan Legian in fonis have the death penalty and were executed. There were three terrorists who had been put to death.

Although the terrorists involved in the Kuta bombing dead. But, anxiety and worry are still felt by some residents of Bali Indonesia, especially those working in the tourism sector. They fear that the bombing will happen again. Many people pray and hope it does not happen again. Just before the end of the year, Bali residents who work in the tourism sector began to worry. Even some of them away from the center of Kuta tourism d, frightened by the crowds of foreign tourists. Hope in case of bombing in Kuta, it can be spared and survived.

Everyone was really looking forward greatly to the police and intelligence officers to the safety of Balinese and foreign tourists who are on vacation. Hope the police and intelligence to overcome any potential bombing. Alertness of intelligence and police officers guarding the Bali greatly affect the mental condition of the people. Residents are looking forward to guarantee the safety in order to act with calm and safe.

Towards the end of 2014, we all hope that there is no longer a sad tragedy that never happened. We all need to pray to God, let terrible tragedy does not occur in the 2014's. So that we can live safely and quietly, without anxiety and fear. If Bali  safe, Indonesia could be trusted as a country that is very worth to visit for day trips.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Penjor not only to celebrate of Galungan

Penjor is synonymous with the celebration of Galungan. When in fact Penjor not only made to celebrate of Galungan. Penjor also be used to decorate a temple during a great festival and ceremony.

Penjor made ​​very nice with a variety of decorations and ornaments suitable and harmonious. Created for the purpose of giving the impression of lively and excited at a temple. Made very much and placed in the appropriate places. Although the actual function of a Penjor is to show respect to the gods of the mountain at Besakih.

Great temple ceremony, definitely make Penjor. However, not all temples make Penjor with large numbers. Depending on the traditions and customs as well as the ability of citizens to make Penjor. Good or view a Penjor depends on the ability of citizens and the availability of raw material which is owned.

The raw materials used to create a highly accessible Penjor, because it consists of bamboo and palm leaves. Sometimes equipped with fabrics and ornaments from paper to beautify the look of a pejor.

Every six months, the Balinese celebrate Galungan. When the day of Galungan, all citizens of the Hindu religion in Bali makes a Penjor, which is installed in front of the house. When the day of Galungan, all the roads in Bali will look very beautiful, because along with the ornament attached Penjor diverse. Penjor to celebrate Galungan is a prestige and exhibition conducted by the manufacturer.

To create a modern Penjor with luxurious and beautiful appearance, requires at least 200 dollars. For Balinese people have money, they buy equipment that is ready to be assembled Penjor. But for residents in rural Bali, they use natural materials to make Penjor.

Long drought in Bali

This year, 2014, Bali and most regions in Indonesia was hit by drought. Long drought this year is to be a natural disaster. Drought occurs everywhere. Reduced supply of clean water. Many of the plants to wither and die. Nothing can be done by the government and citizens. Can only wait until this drought ends soon. 

In Bali, there are only two seasons, dry and rainy seasons. If the season does not change, no mess, right on schedule, the rainy season usually occurs in September, October, Novermber and December. Sometimes it happens at the beginning of the year in January to March. And the dry season usually occurs from April to August, sometimes from January to July. Although it is not appropriate to the month, but every year the inevitable two seasons namely dry and rainy.

This year, the rainy season occurs only at the beginning of 2014. Taking place not too long. Only occurs from January to March. Once the rainy season is very rare. Intensity is very low and slightly up in June.

After the rainy season in early 2014, droughts occurred until this month. The dry season is very different to previous years. The heat of the sun was very high. Balinese people are not used to the extreme heat. Husu uadara almost reached 33 degrees Celsius. Every day is always the same, very hot.

In some areas in West Bali, North Bali, East Bali and South Bali, many rivers are experiencing drought. Water is difficult to obtain, even wells are also drying up. Farmers who rely on river water can not irrigate their rice fields, so this year many farmers crop failure due to droughts with very high heat.

In West Bali, it is clearly seen the effects of a long drought this year. Almost all of the plants that were on the roadside, all without the leaves wither. Even in some areas many plants die because they do not get water. The farther west to Gilimanuk, natural conditions become drier. Heat increasingly felt, and the more natural looks barren with many plants die without leaves.

If the sun directly exposed to sunlight during the day, in three minutes the skin will be red like fire. Very hot with temperatures up to 33 degrees celceus. Almost every day people complain of heat, with sweat that much. Drinking water has always been the target for reducing dehydration from sweat that kept out.

Bali this year is very dry and hot. As a result of climate change and deforestation, many rivers dry up without water. When the rainy season is going to happen someday, flood is likely to occur, because the river flows directly into the river without being obstructed dead trees dry out.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Long drought occurred in Bali, farmers languish

As a result of a drought that occurred this year, 119 hectares of rice crops in of Bali experienced a crop failure, because a lot of rice fields affected by drought due to no water. Since most of the water from the river to the rice fields. Many rivers are experiencing drought.

Overall, the number of horticultural paddy in Bali reached 400 hectares. Most of the rice plants are in Tabanan. Rice fields that experience drought mostly occurs in Central of Bali, South of Bali and North of Bali. Soil drought in Tabanan, Buleleng, Denpasar and Badung. To compensate farmers who failed, the Department of Agriculture of Bali donated maize and rice seedlings.

Rice plants require lots of water, when compared to other horticultural. Long drought this year are not predictable beforehand. So that farmers can not determine the exact type of plants to be planted when the drought. Farmers planting rice just follow the schedule according to the season in general.

Weather conditions that took place lately difficult to determine with certainty. The season is no longer within their schedule. Sometimes the rain occurs in the dry season, and vice 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Canang sari is characteristic of Bali

Canang sari often used by people of Bali to worship in any place. Canang sari is the principal component in the making of offerings. Made from a wide range of interest, with varying colors and interesting shapes. 

When viewed from the exterior, visible only canang sari composed of a series of relationship and leaves a circular or box shaped, with a slight fragrance. However, if the surgery is in, canang sari actually composed of various materials. The materials that make up a canang sari have meaning in every part.

The materials forming the essence cymbals consist of leaves, flowers, lime, fragrance, and stick. If ordinary people who see only canang sari menila in terms of appearance alone. But if the people of Bali who have had a good understanding of the spiritual, then every canang sari will be assessed based on the completeness of the materials used, not only the outer appearance alone.

All offerings are made ​​and intended for worship must be gnashing canansari. Without canasari each offering not have any meaning, it has no meaning whatsoever, and will not function optimally nd meaningful.

Every time people making canang sari, they will make it very much. Perhaps more than ten. Used for more than one place offerings. Not only for the gods, also for ancestral spirits, evil spirits and good spirits. All life is given to maintaining harmony between humans, gods, and ancestral spirits.

Once created, canang sari usually stacked on a large baking sheet. Stacked and arranged so as not to fall and easy to carry for the offerings to the gods, ancestral spirits, and demons.

Canang sari very easy to obtain, can be purchased in traditional markets across the region in Bali. Make canang sari and selling it is an economic activity. Canang sari first made ​​independently, but now can be obtained in the market with some money. In fact there are some people who are willing to make canang sari based orders.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cheap bra in Bali in traditional markets

Bra, for the Balinese girl, is the need for women to protect their chest. Without a bra, maybe all women will feel uncomfortable when activity outside the home. Brassiere serves to prevent breast sagging, maintain breast firmness, and cover the breast itself. Along with the months, some products of bra, bra also added functions, namely to increase and tighten the breasts of the wearer and various other functions. Now it has outstanding products pruduk bra that can enlarge breasts or improve the structure of the breast. Brassiere also keep fatty breast tissue does not spread everywhere, especially to the abdomen because if not then the body will look stretched and fat.

In Bali, the bra can be obtained in a variety of places. In stores, traditional markets, supermarkets, clothing stores in virtually all definitely sell bras. Because the bra is a major requirement for a woman when dressed. Bra with low price can be obtained in the traditional market. Because in the traditional market, every product sold is not subject to sales tax. If the comparison between traditional markets with supermarkets for the same product, the price of bras are sold in traditional markets is much cheaper than in the supermarket.

Traditional markets provide all the basic needs of citizens in Bali. Bra also exist in this market. Even bras are easy to find in the traditional market, the price is very cheap and can be offered cheaper. However, traditional market, is very difficult to get a bra with a top brand. Bras are sold in traditional markets only low quality products made ​​by small industries.

If you want to get the best brands and high quality, can be obtained in sepermarket and special outlets that sell products by leading brands. Denpasar and Kuta is a place to get good bras them famous in Bali. Kuta is the center of tourism, so it is very easy to get products with the best brands in Kuta. While in Denpasar only certain stores that sell products from leading brands.

Besides bras, in the traditional market is also very easy to get women and men's underwear. Bra is just one that is sold. Usually the vendors hawking wares in bra on a porch-patio stores and at the edge of the road.

Many women do not realize that if wearing a bra that does not fit will result in the emergence of feeling stiff in the back, this is a symptom count women in the wind but in fact this is a woman suffering from back pain. These symptoms occur when there is pain or sore bottoms because dorsal nerve attack. This disease can occur when a woman is in the bra size that does not support the breast. If this is allowed and not immediately addressed not only feels stiff in the hips, even in the most severe cases should be operated.

Lingerie bra is mandatory and is always worn by a woman. While wearing a bra is a routine job and is trivial, but not little girls who have not understood how to use a bra with good and true.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Remembering the 2002 Bali bombing tragedy at Jalan Legian

Bali bombing tragedy at Jalan Legian
2002 Bali bombing tragedy leaves bad memories for the victims and their families. Also the families of those who died because of the bomb blast. 2002 Bali bomb blast is the most horrible of acts of terrorism ever in Indonesia. Because caused many casualties. Not only local residents, as well as foreign tourists who were in the place. Bali bombings in 2002 also made ​​the tourism industry in Bali became worse. Even the Balinese people experiencing economic crisis, especially those working in the tourism sector. Also businesses in tourism. Many are bankrupt and sell their premises, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Now 12 years have passed since the 2002 Bali bombing occurred on Jalan Legian. At the scene of a bomb explosion menomen visible only to register the name of the victim who died as a result of a bomb. Monument to the bomb tragedy, has become one of the sights very crowded touristy. Not only local, also from different countries. This monument is very crowded during October, the month of the occurrence of a bomb explosion in 2002, precisely on 12 October 2002 Most who visit this monument in October is Australian. They pray for the friends and relatives of those killed in the place.

Since the Bali bomb monument made​​, since the government routinely makes poignant ceremony to commemorate the tragedy. But this year is not yet known whether a similar ceremony will be made ​​or not. But there are many people who offered prayers since early October. Some flowers are placed by visitors from sight. Towards 12 October, the monument is more and more.

In the vicinity of the 2002 Bali bombing monument, many discos, bars, and cafes built. Though everyone knows, that the target of the bombing was carried out by terrorists of foreign tourists from America and its allies. At least the tourists who visit the discotheque near the monument always be alert and aware, that in place of the bomb blasts have occurred very large, to make a lot of people dead and injured.

Recorded 202 fatalities and 209 wounded or injured, most of the victims were foreign tourists who are visiting the location of the tourist attractions. Most are citizens of Australia who are enjoying the nightlife in the area.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hell places in Bali

Bali Indonesia is now no longer a fun place to vacation. Many attractions in Bali is now becoming an unpleasant place for tourists. Pollution, garbage, sewage, are some of the factors that make the attractions in Bali looks very seedy and unpleasant.

Traffic jams in Bali occurred in almost all streets in the center of tourism in Bali. There is no solution that can be done by the government to tackle traffic jams in Bali. Roads are very narrow, custom rules, growing population, fuel prices were cheap, and cars are getting cheaper and easier in the purchase, is a major cause of traffic jams in Bali.

Bali island had received the title as hell by one of America's leading media. Predicate was not wrong, even the governor of Bali admit, that Bali is an island hell. Due to the fact that there can not be disputed, so it is difficult to deny the tourism actors.

Many places that make Bali dubbed as hell for tourists and foreign tourists. The following are the places which give a title to the island of Bali Indonesia as hell:

1. All roads in the south of Bali. 
The road is one of support and facilities to support tourism. South Bali is the center of business and tourism, one of which is Kuta. Almost all the roads in southern Bali, for example, the way to and from the airports, roads around Kuta Beach, The road to Nusa Dua, Jimbaran way around, and the way in tourism centers. All the roads are very frequent traffic jams. If you pass in the street, you have to have patience and be prepared to get angry and complain, because it will encounter traffic jams which is very annoying. This condition would greatly impede the tourists to travel to the attraction. The right time is a difficult thing obtained in Bali with the road conditions are always traffic jams. If you are stuck in traffic jams, then you would feel being in hell.

2. Kuta Beach. 
Kuta Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Bali. With brownish white sand, and the waves of the sea that is great for surfing, make Kuta beach as the best place in the search by tourists while in Bali. Kuta beach but not a nice beach to get some peace and comfort. During the rainy season in Bali, Kuta beach filled with garbage, until the entire segment covered by trash coast. Repugnant to the stench. The sea water became very muddy and dirty. Very good for surfing, as it may injure skin by waste wood float.

3. Jalan Kartika Kuta 
This road is one of the most crowded in through the pedestrian in Kuta. Along this road there are many hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. This road section is also very quite wide, can be passed by two cars in the opposite direction. Roads in dikatankan as beraka, because a lot of beggars masquerading as a souvenir sellers. Sometimes they force pedestrians to buy goods. In some places there are many children begging and asking for money to pedestrians. In this way is also very Resing pickpocketing cases to foreign tourists.

4. Sanur area 
The atmosphere will be felt in Sanur hell during the rainy season. This area is prone to flooding in the rainy season. Many places submerged in water. It is hard to imagine if we pass in Sanur sudden flooding in and we got stuck in between the flood high water.

5. Area along Tukad Badung 
Tukad Badung is a large river that empties in Badung in Bali. The river is very large, but has a foul smell in some parts. The river is also filled with garbage. This garbage coming from the housing market and around the river, who throw garbage into the river. Shops,
markets, the textile industry, they dump the waste into the river, so the river is very tercemat and dirty. All dirt, rubbish, and waste in this river empties into the ocean will be in South Bali, one of which is Kuta beach. That's why Kuta beach becomes very dirty during the rainy season.