Thursday, September 11, 2014

The dry season in Bali, drought in Bali

The dry season is an annual phenomenon that is always felt by the people of Bali. A few decades ago, the dry season is not a scary thing for most of the Balinese people. Due to the availability of water in Bali is sufficient if the dry season occurs very long. 

But this year, the dry season has not reached four months. However, the environmental conditions in Bali has showed a very severe drought. Some river looks dry. Even plants that are supposed to be able to survive until the rains come, must be experiencing drought due to extreme heat.

Most concerned with the dry season this year is the farmers. They worry if the rain does not occur, and the rice they planted withered due to lack of water. Because today the majority of farmers rely on groundwater to irrigate their fields. Most of the rivers have dried up. Though the new drought occurred only four months.

Lately drought often occurs in Bali. The reason is that natural conditions have changed. Cycle rainy season has changed and erratic. Farmers to be confused with the cycles of wet and dry seasons are changing. Thus, farmers redefine hard time for planting rice in paddy fields. Since the season is uncertain.

Not only farmers are feeling the effects of the current drought. Residents in North Bali also affected by drought. They lack clean water for daily needs. Residents have to go very far place to get clean water. Sometimes there is a water vendor heading home residents to offer clean water to be purchased.

That can not be done by the government to tackle drought in Bali. Because this is a frequent natural disasters, even becoming more frequent. This disaster is the impact of global warming, as well as many forests in Bali which turned into agricultural fields. So the faster the ground water supply is reduced. So during the dry season, the river to subside and become dry.

Drought and water crises in Bali is not only because of global warming and forest conversion, also due to the population growth of arrivals to Bali, and many green areas into residential change pemduduk. The development of the tourism industry as well be the impact of drought in Bali. Ground water sampling conducted by the owner of the villa, hotel, restaurant and developers have an impact on the decrease in soil water supply during the dry season. So that the soil dries quickly if heat occurs.