Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kuta contaminated waste

The beach area of ​​Kuta is famous attractions with nice sea waves for surfing. But the real sea water at the beach is not very clean, because it has been contaminated by sewage guilty of hotels, restaurants, and shops and industrial sites around the coast. Also waste originated from the river which empties into the coastal area of ​​South Kuta.

Wastes that pollute the sea around Kuta mostly from hotels and restaurants that do not choose a sewerage treatment plant. They dispose of Limbang by running directly into the sea or rivers surrounding their place of business. These wastes can harm the environment in the surrounding sea.

Wastes that pollute the beach in Kuta keritar not only berasarl of hotels and restaurants, is also derived from the river. Most of the rivers that cross the city in Bali telha polluted by industrial waste, shops, hotels, restaurants and households. Almost all enterprises in Bali dumping waste into the river. The main cause is because there is no integrated waste treatment system. So they throw waste into the river. Sewage polluted river water flowing towards the sea.

Formerly white sand at Kuta clean, but now the sand at Kuta brownish white. This color is caused by a dirty sea. During the rainy season in Bali, Kuta around the river carries a lot of silt and garbage from the city. Rubbish and mud in the sea bermuaran around Kuta. Trash washed up on the beach of Kuta and polluting the sea by sewage.

It is very difficult to control waste and garbage in Bali. Because of the city planning and development and tearah unmeasured, resulting in no formation of an integrated waste management system to keep Bali and stay clean and healthy environment. Although Bali is an international tourist destination, but Bali does not have a good development planning. There is no coordination between the central and local governments also been the impact of environmental pollution in Bali