Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Goa Lawah beach, where both Hindus rituals

Goa Lawah cave, Bali IndonesiaGoa Lawah is a temple and tourist attraction in Bali Indonesia which is by the sea. The beach is located around Goa Lawah, often referred to Lawah Goa beach. This beach is located in Klungkung regency, very close to the port of Padang Bay. This beach is very famous among the people of Bali, because at this beach is the place to perform the ritual after the bodies in cremation (Ngaben). 

In particular, Goa Lawah Beach much visited by the people of Bali to perform the ritual purification of the spirit. Spirit of families who are dead and cremated. Balinese people come to this beach by bus and private vehicles to hold a ritual to the spirits of their ancestors can be clean and holy, so that they can be accepted in the spirit realm of the gods.

Lawah Goa temple, Bali IndonesiaGoa Lawah beach during the day is very hot. The skin will be burned and flushed if sunbathing on this beach. This beach has a fairly coarse sand. The sand on this beach come from around the menghanyudkan river, and the sand comes from mines located around the coast. That is why, Goa Lawah beach very hot.

Goa Lawah beach attractions are not included in the most sought after by tourists. Because the beach is only localized for both Hindus ritual activities. Although sometimes a lot of foreign tourists who drop in and see the ritual activities at this beach, but they just stopped to watch the ritual activity. Because this is a walk on the beach path connecting various attractions in Bali. Most travelers to pass at the Pura Goa Lawah, they will stop for a moment to see when Hindus run their activities in this beach ritual.

Goa Lawah temple, Bali IndonesiaPura Goa Lawah is fairly well-known tourist attraction. This place has a large cave. This cave inhabited by thousands of bats, bats in this cave unique is not afraid of human presence around the temple. Bats in this temple can be seen from outside the cave. Just before dusk, the bats in this cave will be out of the nest. They went looking for food.

This temple is never empty of visitors, tourists and residents of Bali will pray. The architecture in this temple is very unique and interesting. The black color dominates the building. The black color on the temple building was not due to be painted, but the stone used is black. Stone used to make this temple comes from lava that has become stone. These stones are from the slopes of Mount Agung in Bali Indonesia.

Goa Lawah beach, Bali Indonesia

Goa Lawah beach, Bali Indonesia