Saturday, September 20, 2014

Denpasar is a metropolitan city

Denpasar is the capital city of the province of Bali, and is the largest city in Bali. Therefore island of Bali is an international tourist destination, and became one of the islands with the highest tourist arrivals in the world, then Denpasar grows into a big city with a population is very much.

With so much of the population, the economic problems become increasingly complex. Denpasar require huge resources, so that the economic system can run well. Markets and shops were dominating in Denpasar. Factory very little, nothing can be said. Because the island of Bali is not a big industry. Denpasar is a shopping town for residents of Bali.

Now, Denpasar became a metropolitan city. It happened because the city is increasingly crowded by residents. The majority of residents in this city are migrants seeking work. Bali became a major destination for job seekers from outside the island, especially Denpasar. Most who come to Denpasar will work as a food trader, particularly immigrants from Java. This condition will be seen at dusk. Almost roadside storefront into a fast-food sellers.

Bali provincial government center in the city of Denpasar. Governor's office is located in Renon. Also opened branch offices in Bali, Denpasar chose as the main location. Because it is setrategis, close to the airport, have adequate means of supporting government.

Denpasar has now become a metropolitan city. Just like a metropolitan city, every day is always traffic congestion. Almost all the roads in the city is definitely always going to traffic congestion. Planning and urban design are not well prepared, resulting in difficulty in organizing and developing the means of transportation in Denpasar. Means of public transport is woefully inadequate. There is no city bus transportation. Big city but the roads are very narrow. So the government is very difficult to develop a means of transportation.

Every year the number of vehicles is increasing in the city of Denpasar. Motorcycles are the most numerous. Because motorcycles are considered the most effective for use when there is a traffic jam. At least one family has one car. Since the government issued a concept of environmentally friendly cars but cheap, now the number of cars in Denpasar continues to grow, and more and more. But the road was never increased.

One of the most serious problems is the availability of housing for migrants. Boarding houses are most sought after by the new settlers. Since the boarding house is on rent at low prices. Apartment is not well developed. Regulatory and customary rules prohibiting the manufacture of building height in excess of coconut trees, became a barrier for developers to create apartments. So that the soil conditions at the Denpasar quickly reduced to laity built cheap.

Crime is a problem that was addressed by the government and police. Every year growing crime. Most cases are motor vehicle theft. Motorcycle theft is common. Pickpocketing and robbery are crimes that often occur.