Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brandon Boyd vacation in Bali and Lombok

Incubus singer Brandon Boyd vacation in Bali and Lombok in early September 2014 No one knows Brandon Boyd on holiday in Bali. Not just on vacation in Bali, he was also known to vacation in Lombok. He went to Bali and Lombok to search the beach and surfing.

Brandon to Bali and Lombok is not alone, he invites his girlfriend, Baelyn Elspeth, enjoy the natural beauty of Bali and Lombok. In addition to musicians, Brandon is also a surfer and really liked the beauty of the beach.

While there, do not forget Brandon perpetuate this holiday. Even this charismatic vocalist did not hesitate to upload photos girlfriend who was holding shells on the beach of Lombok.

Fans of Brandon Boyd nobody knew that he was on vacation in Bali. Perhaps this is done so that the holiday is not disturbed by the news, and fans who want to follow up to Bali or Lombok.