Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beginning, Bali Indonesia is an agricultural island

Once upon a time in Bali Indonesia, rice is the main product of agricultural outcomes in Bali
Bali Indonesia has become a very popular island up to foreign countries. Bali popularity exceeds state into regions where the island is located, namely Indonesia. People from around the world learn more about Bali than Indonesia in general. This proves that Bali Indonesia has worldwide popularity, becoming a favorite of foreign tourists who want to vacation in the tropics, such as in Indonesia, which has the island of Bali.

Before Bali became famous for the tourism industry with a wide selection of cheap tourist destination, and a vehicle that attract, long ago, Bali is an agricultural island. Island with agricultural commodities which have a very high quality. One of the proudest agricultural commodity is rice. Because the majority of Balinese people are farmers who cultivate the land for planting rice.

Once upon a time in Bali Indonesia, rice is the main product of agricultural outcomes in Bali. The majority of Balinese people working into farmers cultivating the fields to produce of rice. Since then the organization of Subak appeared and became a traditional organization that regulates rice field irrigation system in Bali. Until now, these organizations still exist, despite being on the verge of collapse, because the transition livelihood of citizens of farmers into entrepreneurs, and most are in the tourism industry. Due to become farmers in Indonesia can not afford to fix the economy citizens.

One of the cultural heritage, from of Subak organization, which is very well known to this day in the rice fields is complex Jatiluwih. Jatiluwih is a village which has a very extensive rice fields, and not just for planting paddy rice, but rice fields has the most amazing scenery. Terraced rice fields with stunning irrigation system, which is able to irrigate all the fields, to get the water evenly throughout the plot. That is why, UNESCO named Jatiluwih as one of the world's cultural heritage which must be protected.

Despite receiving recognition from UNESCO, but the condition of the rice fields in Jatiluwih now increasingly endangered, due to the development of tourism that continues to undermine the culture and traditions of the people of Bali. Government continues to turn a blind eye to this incident, the condition of the environment in Bali Indonesia, particularly the increasingly polluted water and getting less. Rice fields is a mainstay of rural economy in danger of being lost residents due to the development of the tourism industry.

Now the rice fields in Bali diminishing rapidly. Population growth rate is very fast, and the new settlers continued thronged this island, resulting in demand for housing continues to grow. This resulted in an increasing number of housing developers who convert agricultural land into housing. Supervision of the government and the corrupt behavior of government is increasingly threatening the existence of customs and culture in Bali Indonesia, especially of Subak organization as the main protector of agriculture in Bali Indonesia.

Once upon a time Bali residents live in peace. Bali Indonesia is a paradise that is not infinite. They are born, live work, and die in Bali, the island of a loved one. Now all that has changed as a result of cultural exploitation, as object to lure tourists. Sacred area is now polluted with the arrival of foreigners who want merinvestasi in Bali, without considering the conservation of nature and culture in Bali Indonesia. They just take advantage of the unique culture in Bali, without being preserved.

Which menadi victims of tourism development in Bali is Balinese people. Bali residents unwittingly become slaves on the island they live.