Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barong Bangkung, Pig dancing around the village

Barong Bangkung, Pig dancing around the village

Barong Bangkung, barong tangible pig with long fangs. The barong is usually danced by two children. Barong Bangkung usually danced after the feast in Bali. Danced around the village were accompanied by children. 

Bangkung Barong danced to around the village is usually called by the term of ngelawang. Ngelawang has a goal to provide positive activities for children after a certain feast days in Bali. Ngelawang also be used to get money from spectators who viewed Barong Bangkung. Because the hope of making money, sometimes children who dance of Barong Bangkung considered doing singing activities.

Ngelawang with Bangkung Barong dance is more popular in Tabanan, Badung, Gianyar and a few places in Bali Indonesia. However, this activity is now gaining popularity in the West Bali. Many children in the area of ​​West Bali began pioneering activity of ngelawang using Bangkung Barong. Due to this very fun activity for children, and can give the feel of excitement after feast day is over.

Barong Bangkung, Pig dancing around the village
Barong Bangkung is the simplest type of barong, because in its manufacture does not require raw materials that are difficult to obtain. The head barong is sold in art shops in Bali Indonesia. Meanwhile, to make the body can use a black cloth. To order the front and rear, bamboo is used as the support and shape the body of barong.

Barong Bangkung usually danced during the day late in the afternoon. Before the of barong dance, every personnel and accompanist should pray first in the local temple, to avoid the unseen dangers that can interfere with the children while dancing BarongBangkung.

Barong Bangkung will be danced in front of people's houses, or in a place people gather. Accompanied by the music of a small gong. Generally, the children who participated in the accompaniment of barong, wearing a black shirt, matching the body color of barong.