Saturday, September 13, 2014

Australia tourist committed suicide at a hotel

Mark David Sansom, Australian tourists died in Bali. The man allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the top floor of a hotel, Hotel Harris, in Jalan Pura Mertasari, Sunset Road, Kuta Bali, the hotel is in the area Gelogor Carik, South Denpasar. The suicide occurred on Friday, September 12, 2014 evening, at approximately 8:55 pm.
Mark David was born on January 5, 1983 he traveled in Bali and stay at a hotel in Bali. From the testimony of several witnesses, the man committed suicide by jumping from the top floor. When lying on the ground, he was lifeless, his body was found several wounds on the back, lacerations and bumps and bleed.

In addition, the left shoulder abrasions, swollen right eye and blue. In the head and nose and ears bleed. The bodies of the men currently on General Hospital Sanglah for divisum. No information submitted by the police.

Too many events in Bali suicide committed by foreign tourists. A few months ago also happens suicides were by tourists from the United States in a villa in Tabanan, and committed suicide a man from Australia in his house in the Badung. This incident indicates that many foreign tourists are likely to be depressed while visiting Bali.

Bali is a favorite tourist spot by foreign tourists. Bali is also a cheap destination. That is why many foreigners who visit Bali to find peace. Maybe because Bali as a great place to get some peace, many foreign tourists who have a big problem, choosing Bali to calm down. But in reality, many of them even depression while in Bali. Suicide so many tourists in Bali.