Monday, September 29, 2014

Stay alert, Bali prone to tsunamis

Stay alert, Bali prone to tsunamis
Over the last hundred years, Bali Indonesia has not been affected by the tsunami. However, in addition to several other islands of Bali, Java and Sumatra, the tsunami hit a few times ever. Tsunami disaster that is the most severe and resulted in thousands of people dying is what happened in Aceh and North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The tsunami is the displacement of a body of water caused by changes in sea surface vertically with a sudden. Changes in sea level can be caused by an earthquake centered under the sea, underwater volcanic eruptions, underwater landslides, or in the sea or a meteor hit. Tsunami waves can propagate in any direction. Energy contained in the tsunami wave height is fixed to the function and its speed. In the deep ocean, tsunami waves can travel at speeds of 500-1000 km per hour.

Bali is a small island in Indonesia, which is surrounded by a very large ocean. To the south is the Indian Ocean, to the north is the sea belongs to Indonesia. Bali Island is also part of a cluster of volcanoes that stretches from north to south. That is why Bali has two volcanoes that are still active to this day, Mount Agung and Batur. Bali Island is also located on the fault lines are constantly moving tectonic plates. That is why in Bali frequent earthquakes. Almost every day there was an earthquake, but not felt by humans.

Tsunami is the greatest threat to the safety of people who live in Bali. Especially those near the sea. From Badung to end Gilimanuk, and Karangasem, including in the red zone prone to tsunamis, except Bangli. Because Bangli has no sea. Bali's southern coast is a red zone or tsunami-prone zones. Because there is a fault in the southern ocean crust of the earth is continually on the move, and can shake the sea water, so it can cause a tsunami.

Currently, Bali has had a Tsunami Early Warning System (TEWS), the tsunami sirens in the red zone six points, such as at Double Six, Seminyak, Kuta, BTDC Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, and Kedonganan. This tool is very useful to provide early warning of a potential tsunami which may occur at any time without predictable.

If a tsunami happens in Bali Indonesia, the region most deadly is Kuta, Nusa Dua, Seminyak. Because these places are most crowded with inhabitants. Also an attraction that is visited by many tourists from various countries. Kuta is a dense region with road traffic congestion always occurs.

Ngurah Rai Airport is also certainly affected by the tsunami. This service is attached at the edge of the sea, even the towering trajectory toward the sea, because the trajectory of the plane in the sea created by landfill.

One way to reduce the harm caused by the tsunami is making a new island in the middle of the sea to block the waves of the sea to the mainland. However, this method is considered costly, and can damage the ecosystem in the sea. Coral reefs will be destroyed, as well as changes in ocean currents that can damage new beaches around the island. Making new island better known as reclamation.

Another way is to make the mangrove forests along the coast of the potentially large tsunami. Mangroves are considered to be very effective in restraining the sea waves damage the land. Planting mangroves also costs less, it's just to start the formation of a vast new forests, requires a very long time.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The experiences of people who stay at Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Mulia Resort is a new accommodation in Bali, but has given a very good experience for people who stay at this resort. Classified as very luxurious resort with full facilities. Mulia Resort also can provide a different experience to the guests while staying.

Other information about Mulia Resort:

Address: Jalan Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Kawasan Sawangan, Nusa Dua, Bali 80363, Indonesia.
Telephone number: (0361) 3017777
Price range (per night): Rp. 3,000,000-5,690,000
Hotel Category: 5 Star - Mulia Resort 5 *.
Number of rooms: 526

Address of Mulia Resort is in Jalan Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Kawasan Sawangan, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia, with POS code 80363. Located on the edge of Nusa Dua beach with white sand and clean sea. Unlike hotel located in BTDC Nusa Dua area, gathered in one area, Mulia Resort located some distance in the south. But you can walk down the beach from BTDC Nusa Dua area towards Mulia Resort, or from Mulia Resort towards BTDC Nusa Dua.

Mulia Resort at Nusa Dua is one of the best resorts that can be found in Bali Indonesia, to spend the holidays with friends, family or lover. Strategic location in Nusa Dua, with a beautiful view of the beach, and the resort is comfortable, very well worth the price given to stay at this resort.

In Mulia Resort, a reception with a good service, because the adjustment room with a good bed. All the staff will always greet you wherever met. They will also send emails to you for all the items you leave in the hotel room, although only soap that you think is worthless. Service is very satisfying from a new resort in Bali. Strongly recommend to try to stay at Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia.

Mulia Resort is one of the best option if you intend to visit the island of Bali in Indonesia. Very charming and luxurious room is also equipped with a sophisticated and extensive toilet. In addition, many guests really liked the facilities offered by Mulia. Restaurant with a very tasty dish. Many guests are recommended to sample the sunday brunch at one of the restaurants that Soleil. You must try the hotels in this resort, and enjoy the uniqueness and sensations, from sunrise to sunset, while enjoying the freshness of the dish and the rest by promising comfort. At the breakfast table, it was very full and crowded. You have to queue up and wait for orders as well as seating. But it is understandable, because the restaurant should accommodate a very large hotel.

Many good experience perceived by the guests is very much in the facility of Mulia Resort. The pool is very nice, decorated with statues, and the hotel is also complete with a club and lounge, so that everything is complete. So that the guests do not need to bother out of the resort to a variety of needs. If you stay at this resort, you do not go out of the hotel at all, because a lot of things that you need is already available at this hotel.

Another great feature of the Mulia Resort is situated and located in the highlands, where we sat on the back porch lobby is open, we could see the pool and the landscape below us. Many guests feel very comfortable with a great view and luxury. Hygiene is maintained, neat, with facilities and infrastructure that was new. With a large swimming pool, facing directly to the beach of Nusa Dua. If you want to play in the water at this place, you can get it all, play pool or sea water at the beach with family or loved to have fun.

Try staying at Mulia Resort for 3 days while you are on vacation in Bali Indonesia. The first impression you will get is the hotel is very large and luxurious. It is suitable for family holidays. All hotel facilities are new and clean. Mattresses and pillows are very soft and comfortable. Rooms service and good service. The pool is very large and most importantly, there is the pool area for children. Your child under the age of 5 years will be to his liking, and many exciting games. The beach is located in front of the resort is very clean and white sand. Although like other Nusa Dua ocean with small waves, so it is safe for children playing on the beach.

After your stay at Mulia Resort, then you will want to come back to this hotel and recommend it to others. This hotel is perfect for those of you who like to enjoy the holiday and stay in a resort hotel without going out.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bali Indonesia, the best island in Asia (Travel+Leisure 2014 version)

Bali Indonesia

Bali Island, Indonesia, is the best island in Asia, version of Travel + Leisure, tourism magazine in New York, USA, in the award World's Best Awards 2014, Bali occupies the fifth position as the world's top island. Bali is under Santorini Island Greece, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii. 

Since known by Europeans decades ago, the island of Bali has always been a destination for a vacation by foreign tourists. Even in the 90s, the island was dubbed as paradise. Because of the natural beauty, art, culture, social kehiduoan and very friendly people.

Bomb blast had occurred several times in Kuta, Bali Indonesia. Many foreign tourists and local residents died as a result of the bomb blast. Even in Bali's economy was hit hard by several years. But now Bali have recovered from the downturn, even reaching the highest tourist arrivals, throughout history.

What makes Bali very popular and become a very preferred destination of foreign tourists. According to some opinions of foreign tourists on Bali, Indoneia, Bali is an island that has a myriad of beauty. Cheap tourist destinations, diverse, beautiful, interesting, unique, friendly, and fun.

No one if Bali is a tourist destination of interest. Because Bali is a small island, but it has a lot of attractions within easy reach. So the tourists can save time and money to be able menikamti all attractions in Bali. In one day, a tourist can enjoy five different attractions, and enjoy the nightlife in Kuta, to sleep soundly in a cheap hotel but has a five-star facilities and services.

In the category of the world, Bali is always in the top ten. In 2009, Bali in the first position. Travel+Leisure called the island as Bali of Fame World's Best Awards, as included in the top ten of the world for 6 years in a row.

World's Best Awards are given based on the results of the annual survey of readers of the magazine and Travel+Leisure's website. The magazine is published every month and have millions of readers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lovina Festival 2014

Lovina Festival 2014 will be held on 25 to 27 September 2014, held at Aditya Lovina Beach Resort, Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng, Bali Indonesia. This time the theme of The Sparkling of Lovina, the offerings of the Office of Culture and Tourism Buleleng, Bali Province.

This annual festival will pack all the potential of North Balinese art and culture, which is in Buleleng regency. Staging a unique traditional art and classic, like sapigerumbungan, the rite Dedari Hyang Legong, sanghyangmemedi, Joged mass, and the mass dance strait immediately, also photography competition.

Unlike the other beaches in Bali which has a white or light brown sand, the beach is black sand. Lovina Beach is located approximately 9 kilometers from the city of Singaraja, Buleleng regency capital. From Kuta or Denpasar takes approximately 3 hours to get there. There are many hotels around Lovina, ranging from jasmine-class hotels, homestays to five-star hotel though.

Talking about the history of Lovina, can not be separated by Anak Agung Panji Tisna figure. Around the 1950s, Anak Agung Panji Tisna, never traveled to several countries in Europe and Asia. What concerns him is the life of the community especially in India. He stayed a few weeks in Bombay. Way of life and the condition of the people there, necessarily affects the way he thought and insight into the future for Bali, especially the development of public welfare in Buleleng regency.

Meanwhile, PanjiTisna also see a beautiful place laid out for people on vacation at the beach. The land has in common with his estate in TukadCebol Beach, Buleleng, which is also located in between two streams. Inspiration PanjiTisna appeared to build a resort like that.

Panjitisan returned from abroad in 1953, Anak Agung Panji Tisna immediately declared his muse and began to build on his own property, a cottage named "Lovina". The place was made for the "travelers" while on vacation. Equipped with 3 bedrooms and weeks to stay in a small restaurant near the seafront.

At that time, some business analysts worrying that PanjiTisna plan will not work as expected. Too early time to make a similar effort on a secluded beach, such as at the beach TukadCebol. Local cultural observer stated, "Lovina" is a foreign word, not the language of Bali. Further more, there is no letter "v" in the Balinese script. Another comment says emphatically, do not use the word "Lovina", it should be deleted.

Anak Agung Panji Tisna, in 1959, sold Lodging Lovina to younger relatives, Anak Agung Ngurah Sentanu as owner and manager. Business is going pretty well. However, there are no travelers or tourists. Just come a few friend Flag Tisna from America and Europe, as well as local government officials and businessmen for a vacation.

But now Lovina grown into a tourist destination sought after by foreign tourists. One of the tourist attraction in Lovina is seeing dolphins swimming in the sea.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bali earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter Scale

The information was released by the BMKG Region III Depasar, at 05:05 am, Tuesday, September 23, 2014, located at 8.68 south latitude and 115.75 east longitude, an earthquake with a strength of 4.6 on the Richter Scale (SR). The epicenter was at a depth of 195 kilometers from the sea and is felt to Kuta and Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia.

Earthquake does not potentially cause a tsunami and sejuah no reports of casualties or damage caused by the earthquake. Earthquake vibrations felt by people when they first wake up in the morning. Some residents who felt the earthquake was panic and screaming.

Initially very small vibrations of an earthquake, followed by a rather strong vibrations, vibrations occur about five seconds.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kuta contaminated waste

The beach area of ​​Kuta is famous attractions with nice sea waves for surfing. But the real sea water at the beach is not very clean, because it has been contaminated by sewage guilty of hotels, restaurants, and shops and industrial sites around the coast. Also waste originated from the river which empties into the coastal area of ​​South Kuta.

Wastes that pollute the sea around Kuta mostly from hotels and restaurants that do not choose a sewerage treatment plant. They dispose of Limbang by running directly into the sea or rivers surrounding their place of business. These wastes can harm the environment in the surrounding sea.

Wastes that pollute the beach in Kuta keritar not only berasarl of hotels and restaurants, is also derived from the river. Most of the rivers that cross the city in Bali telha polluted by industrial waste, shops, hotels, restaurants and households. Almost all enterprises in Bali dumping waste into the river. The main cause is because there is no integrated waste treatment system. So they throw waste into the river. Sewage polluted river water flowing towards the sea.

Formerly white sand at Kuta clean, but now the sand at Kuta brownish white. This color is caused by a dirty sea. During the rainy season in Bali, Kuta around the river carries a lot of silt and garbage from the city. Rubbish and mud in the sea bermuaran around Kuta. Trash washed up on the beach of Kuta and polluting the sea by sewage.

It is very difficult to control waste and garbage in Bali. Because of the city planning and development and tearah unmeasured, resulting in no formation of an integrated waste management system to keep Bali and stay clean and healthy environment. Although Bali is an international tourist destination, but Bali does not have a good development planning. There is no coordination between the central and local governments also been the impact of environmental pollution in Bali

Denpasar is a metropolitan city

Denpasar is the capital city of the province of Bali, and is the largest city in Bali. Therefore island of Bali is an international tourist destination, and became one of the islands with the highest tourist arrivals in the world, then Denpasar grows into a big city with a population is very much.

With so much of the population, the economic problems become increasingly complex. Denpasar require huge resources, so that the economic system can run well. Markets and shops were dominating in Denpasar. Factory very little, nothing can be said. Because the island of Bali is not a big industry. Denpasar is a shopping town for residents of Bali.

Now, Denpasar became a metropolitan city. It happened because the city is increasingly crowded by residents. The majority of residents in this city are migrants seeking work. Bali became a major destination for job seekers from outside the island, especially Denpasar. Most who come to Denpasar will work as a food trader, particularly immigrants from Java. This condition will be seen at dusk. Almost roadside storefront into a fast-food sellers.

Bali provincial government center in the city of Denpasar. Governor's office is located in Renon. Also opened branch offices in Bali, Denpasar chose as the main location. Because it is setrategis, close to the airport, have adequate means of supporting government.

Denpasar has now become a metropolitan city. Just like a metropolitan city, every day is always traffic congestion. Almost all the roads in the city is definitely always going to traffic congestion. Planning and urban design are not well prepared, resulting in difficulty in organizing and developing the means of transportation in Denpasar. Means of public transport is woefully inadequate. There is no city bus transportation. Big city but the roads are very narrow. So the government is very difficult to develop a means of transportation.

Every year the number of vehicles is increasing in the city of Denpasar. Motorcycles are the most numerous. Because motorcycles are considered the most effective for use when there is a traffic jam. At least one family has one car. Since the government issued a concept of environmentally friendly cars but cheap, now the number of cars in Denpasar continues to grow, and more and more. But the road was never increased.

One of the most serious problems is the availability of housing for migrants. Boarding houses are most sought after by the new settlers. Since the boarding house is on rent at low prices. Apartment is not well developed. Regulatory and customary rules prohibiting the manufacture of building height in excess of coconut trees, became a barrier for developers to create apartments. So that the soil conditions at the Denpasar quickly reduced to laity built cheap.

Crime is a problem that was addressed by the government and police. Every year growing crime. Most cases are motor vehicle theft. Motorcycle theft is common. Pickpocketing and robbery are crimes that often occur.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Australia tourist committed suicide at a hotel

Mark David Sansom, Australian tourists died in Bali. The man allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the top floor of a hotel, Hotel Harris, in Jalan Pura Mertasari, Sunset Road, Kuta Bali, the hotel is in the area Gelogor Carik, South Denpasar. The suicide occurred on Friday, September 12, 2014 evening, at approximately 8:55 pm.
Mark David was born on January 5, 1983 he traveled in Bali and stay at a hotel in Bali. From the testimony of several witnesses, the man committed suicide by jumping from the top floor. When lying on the ground, he was lifeless, his body was found several wounds on the back, lacerations and bumps and bleed.

In addition, the left shoulder abrasions, swollen right eye and blue. In the head and nose and ears bleed. The bodies of the men currently on General Hospital Sanglah for divisum. No information submitted by the police.

Too many events in Bali suicide committed by foreign tourists. A few months ago also happens suicides were by tourists from the United States in a villa in Tabanan, and committed suicide a man from Australia in his house in the Badung. This incident indicates that many foreign tourists are likely to be depressed while visiting Bali.

Bali is a favorite tourist spot by foreign tourists. Bali is also a cheap destination. That is why many foreigners who visit Bali to find peace. Maybe because Bali as a great place to get some peace, many foreign tourists who have a big problem, choosing Bali to calm down. But in reality, many of them even depression while in Bali. Suicide so many tourists in Bali.

Friday, September 12, 2014

October 12, 2002 and October 1, 2005, the Bali Bombing

The tragedy of the Bali bombings in 2002 and 2005 still leaves more closely align and sorrow for the victims. In 2002 a bomb exploded in Jalan Legian Kuta Bali Indonesia, there were 202 fatalities and 209 wounded or injured. In 2005 there were three bombings, one in Kuta and Jimbaran with at least 23 people were killed and 196 others wounded. Most of the victims were foreign tourists who are visiting the location of a bomb blast. This tragedy is regarded as the worst incident of terrorism in Indonesian history.

Now, twelve years have passed since the 2002 Bali bombing. The perpetrators of the Bali bombing had been arrested and sentenced. Some of them have been put to death. Bombers of the most famous is Amrozi (sentenced to death), Imam Samudra (sentenced to death), and Mukhlas, (sentenced to death). They had been sentenced to death. Amrozi and his friends had been executed in reclaiming.

The location of a bomb blast in Kuta is Legian Street, has now built a monument to the memory of the tragedy. This monument is also mnejadi attraction for tourists who want to know the location of the bomb detonation. The monument was made to resemble a puppet with a symbol of the row names of the victims who died in the incident. Tourists who happened to pass in front of the monument took time to take photos and read the list of names of the victims.

At night, the area around the monument becomes very crowded. Bali bombing monument at the center of nightlife in Jalan Legian Kuta. Around the monument there are many discos, cafes, and bars with the sound of music from a very loud loudspeakers. When New Year's Eve celebrations, the area around the monument is very crowded. Nightlife is very pronounced in this place. Everyone is partying and having fun. They forget that it ever happened in a bomb blast that killed hundreds of people.

After the Bali bomb blasts on October 12, 2002, the condition of tourism in Bali worse off. Layoffs occur at many hotels and restaurants. Many residents of Bali to be idle. Bali's economy was disrupted and collapsed. Many hotels and restaurants around Kuta bankruptcy, even many who menjul hotel.

A year passed, the Bali bombing suspects have been sentenced to death. The government assured the international community that Indonesia and Bali is secure. Many attempts were made by the government to raise the tourism industry in Bali.

But international confidence in the security of Indonesia and Bali again lost. At a press conference, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has suggested got started in July 2005 warning of an attack of terrorism in Indonesia. However, the police may be negligent because supervision of the increase in fuel prices, making it less sensitive and alert. On October 1, 2005, there was another bomb blast in Bali. This time a bomb blast occurred three times in different places. At least 23 people died and 196 others wounded.

The tourism industry in Bali worse off by a bomb blast in Kuta in 2002 and 2005 even Balinese people had to face the economic crisis locally. The number of foreign tourist arrivals is very little. Many hotels, restaurants, bars, discotheques loss. Some of them went bankrupt and closed down. Tourists do not dare to visit Kuta and surrounding areas. They are afraid of the bomb would probably happen again, and harm the tourists.

Since the bombings in Bali in 2002 and 2005, many hotel employees to be laid off because of the low number of tourists staying. Many people must be unemployed, especially for people who work in the tourism sector. Employers craft, sculptors, dancers, artists, they should look for another job. Because no one hired them, because there are no tourists who visit. Residents in Gianyar district is the most feel the impact. Since most of them live and work as an artist with an income that is determined by the number of foreign tourist arrivals.

When the residents of Bali's economy collapsed due to the Bali bombings, especially in East Bali, there is the discourse from the citizens to separate Bali Province from Indonesia. Residents are angry over the 2002 and 2005 bombings were carried out by a particular group. Bali want to be independent and self-contained, to break away from Indonesia. This discourse arises because of uncontrolled anger residents. East of Bali's economy collapsed causing residents to be confused what to do with the future of Bali. Because Bali income residents largely based on tourism.

Currently the tourism industry has recovered from the slump caused by the Bali bombings of 2002 and 2005 even reached the peak of the tourism industry with the highest number of foreign tourists who visit the more setiak year. Even now become the most populous island of Bali.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The dry season in Bali, drought in Bali

The dry season is an annual phenomenon that is always felt by the people of Bali. A few decades ago, the dry season is not a scary thing for most of the Balinese people. Due to the availability of water in Bali is sufficient if the dry season occurs very long. 

But this year, the dry season has not reached four months. However, the environmental conditions in Bali has showed a very severe drought. Some river looks dry. Even plants that are supposed to be able to survive until the rains come, must be experiencing drought due to extreme heat.

Most concerned with the dry season this year is the farmers. They worry if the rain does not occur, and the rice they planted withered due to lack of water. Because today the majority of farmers rely on groundwater to irrigate their fields. Most of the rivers have dried up. Though the new drought occurred only four months.

Lately drought often occurs in Bali. The reason is that natural conditions have changed. Cycle rainy season has changed and erratic. Farmers to be confused with the cycles of wet and dry seasons are changing. Thus, farmers redefine hard time for planting rice in paddy fields. Since the season is uncertain.

Not only farmers are feeling the effects of the current drought. Residents in North Bali also affected by drought. They lack clean water for daily needs. Residents have to go very far place to get clean water. Sometimes there is a water vendor heading home residents to offer clean water to be purchased.

That can not be done by the government to tackle drought in Bali. Because this is a frequent natural disasters, even becoming more frequent. This disaster is the impact of global warming, as well as many forests in Bali which turned into agricultural fields. So the faster the ground water supply is reduced. So during the dry season, the river to subside and become dry.

Drought and water crises in Bali is not only because of global warming and forest conversion, also due to the population growth of arrivals to Bali, and many green areas into residential change pemduduk. The development of the tourism industry as well be the impact of drought in Bali. Ground water sampling conducted by the owner of the villa, hotel, restaurant and developers have an impact on the decrease in soil water supply during the dry season. So that the soil dries quickly if heat occurs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brandon Boyd vacation in Bali and Lombok

Incubus singer Brandon Boyd vacation in Bali and Lombok in early September 2014 No one knows Brandon Boyd on holiday in Bali. Not just on vacation in Bali, he was also known to vacation in Lombok. He went to Bali and Lombok to search the beach and surfing.

Brandon to Bali and Lombok is not alone, he invites his girlfriend, Baelyn Elspeth, enjoy the natural beauty of Bali and Lombok. In addition to musicians, Brandon is also a surfer and really liked the beauty of the beach.

While there, do not forget Brandon perpetuate this holiday. Even this charismatic vocalist did not hesitate to upload photos girlfriend who was holding shells on the beach of Lombok.

Fans of Brandon Boyd nobody knew that he was on vacation in Bali. Perhaps this is done so that the holiday is not disturbed by the news, and fans who want to follow up to Bali or Lombok.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are planning a honeymoon in Bali for one week

Sunday, September 7, 2014, the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, seen at a beach in Bali when together with her husband. Photo uploaded at page UsWeekly, Tuesday, September 8, 2014, Ashlee was seen posing.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross looks to continue hand in hand upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar. Ashlee wore a floral kaftan with black skinny jeans. She covered his face with sunglasses and a floppy hat. Evan also wore a black shirt.

Evan is the son of singer Diana Ross was carrying a leather bag and grocery bag marked Hong Kong. Maybe they shop in Hong Kong while traveling from USA to Bali.

Both picked up a black sedan car decorated with flowers. The car is decorated like a wedding car. There are ribbons and flowers on the front. During their honeymoon, they stay at The St. Regis Bali Resort, Nusa Dua. Hotel the scene of the murder of a woman who carried the child. It is known from the writing on the sedan.

Ashlee-Evan really enjoy their honeymoon period. She sunbathing wearing a red one piece. Evan accompany his wife to take a photo with a mobile phone. It seems like they really enjoy honeymoon in Bali. They sunbathing with beautiful sea views.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barong Bangkung, Pig dancing around the village

Barong Bangkung, Pig dancing around the village

Barong Bangkung, barong tangible pig with long fangs. The barong is usually danced by two children. Barong Bangkung usually danced after the feast in Bali. Danced around the village were accompanied by children. 

Bangkung Barong danced to around the village is usually called by the term of ngelawang. Ngelawang has a goal to provide positive activities for children after a certain feast days in Bali. Ngelawang also be used to get money from spectators who viewed Barong Bangkung. Because the hope of making money, sometimes children who dance of Barong Bangkung considered doing singing activities.

Ngelawang with Bangkung Barong dance is more popular in Tabanan, Badung, Gianyar and a few places in Bali Indonesia. However, this activity is now gaining popularity in the West Bali. Many children in the area of ​​West Bali began pioneering activity of ngelawang using Bangkung Barong. Due to this very fun activity for children, and can give the feel of excitement after feast day is over.

Barong Bangkung, Pig dancing around the village
Barong Bangkung is the simplest type of barong, because in its manufacture does not require raw materials that are difficult to obtain. The head barong is sold in art shops in Bali Indonesia. Meanwhile, to make the body can use a black cloth. To order the front and rear, bamboo is used as the support and shape the body of barong.

Barong Bangkung usually danced during the day late in the afternoon. Before the of barong dance, every personnel and accompanist should pray first in the local temple, to avoid the unseen dangers that can interfere with the children while dancing BarongBangkung.

Barong Bangkung will be danced in front of people's houses, or in a place people gather. Accompanied by the music of a small gong. Generally, the children who participated in the accompaniment of barong, wearing a black shirt, matching the body color of barong.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ministers from Bali involved in corruption cases, residents of Bali sad and disappointed

Jero Wacik, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources is assisting the Indonesian president, involved in corruption cases. Corruption Eradication Commission decided JeroWacik as suspects on charges of racketeering acts with a total of Rp. 9.9 billion.

Wacik is a man who comes from Bali. He was born and raised in Bali. He grew up a very religious environment. Since childhood, he aspires to become a great man and critical success, although he had been bound by traditional rules that required him to be a pastor to a temple in the village of his birth. He was determined to follow up studies have to leave home to achieve its goals.

In 2004, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) won the presidential election is done directly. Since Yudhoyono became president in 2004, since that time Jero Wacik appointed as minister. He served as Minister of Tourism and Culture until 2009.

Since Jero Wacik become a minister, he did a lot of innovation and improvement of the tourism industry. Because in 2002, since the Bali bombings in Kuta, Indonesia's tourism industry took a big hit. However Wacik prove that he is able to recover condition of tourism in Indonesia, until now Indonesia has become one of the countries that have high levels of foreign tourists is very high.

When the presidential election in 2009, and won again by Yudhoyono, Jero Wacik is believed to have served as a minister. Jero Wacik believed to have served as the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources. Since he became the minister, many achievements he has done. Positions he held charge of mining oil and mineral. Indonesia earn large field of mining oil and mineral. Since then the Indonesian economy continues to grow well.

But the bad things done by Jero Wacik. He did corruption since 2011 until 2013, and is known by the Corruption Eradication Commission. On 1 September 2014 Wacik named as a suspect.

Since news of Jero Wacik involvement in corruption, residents of Bali are very surprised by the news. Do not believe, surprised, sad, upset, disappointed, all residents of Bali are very surprised by the news. All media were on Bali, and shows the condition of people of Bali are very saddened by the case. Balinese people have a very big sense of family must bear the shame of the actions taken by Wacik. Because Jero Wacik is pride for residents of Bali.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Goa Lawah beach, where both Hindus rituals

Goa Lawah cave, Bali IndonesiaGoa Lawah is a temple and tourist attraction in Bali Indonesia which is by the sea. The beach is located around Goa Lawah, often referred to Lawah Goa beach. This beach is located in Klungkung regency, very close to the port of Padang Bay. This beach is very famous among the people of Bali, because at this beach is the place to perform the ritual after the bodies in cremation (Ngaben). 

In particular, Goa Lawah Beach much visited by the people of Bali to perform the ritual purification of the spirit. Spirit of families who are dead and cremated. Balinese people come to this beach by bus and private vehicles to hold a ritual to the spirits of their ancestors can be clean and holy, so that they can be accepted in the spirit realm of the gods.

Lawah Goa temple, Bali IndonesiaGoa Lawah beach during the day is very hot. The skin will be burned and flushed if sunbathing on this beach. This beach has a fairly coarse sand. The sand on this beach come from around the menghanyudkan river, and the sand comes from mines located around the coast. That is why, Goa Lawah beach very hot.

Goa Lawah beach attractions are not included in the most sought after by tourists. Because the beach is only localized for both Hindus ritual activities. Although sometimes a lot of foreign tourists who drop in and see the ritual activities at this beach, but they just stopped to watch the ritual activity. Because this is a walk on the beach path connecting various attractions in Bali. Most travelers to pass at the Pura Goa Lawah, they will stop for a moment to see when Hindus run their activities in this beach ritual.

Goa Lawah temple, Bali IndonesiaPura Goa Lawah is fairly well-known tourist attraction. This place has a large cave. This cave inhabited by thousands of bats, bats in this cave unique is not afraid of human presence around the temple. Bats in this temple can be seen from outside the cave. Just before dusk, the bats in this cave will be out of the nest. They went looking for food.

This temple is never empty of visitors, tourists and residents of Bali will pray. The architecture in this temple is very unique and interesting. The black color dominates the building. The black color on the temple building was not due to be painted, but the stone used is black. Stone used to make this temple comes from lava that has become stone. These stones are from the slopes of Mount Agung in Bali Indonesia.

Goa Lawah beach, Bali Indonesia

Goa Lawah beach, Bali Indonesia

Beginning, Bali Indonesia is an agricultural island

Once upon a time in Bali Indonesia, rice is the main product of agricultural outcomes in Bali
Bali Indonesia has become a very popular island up to foreign countries. Bali popularity exceeds state into regions where the island is located, namely Indonesia. People from around the world learn more about Bali than Indonesia in general. This proves that Bali Indonesia has worldwide popularity, becoming a favorite of foreign tourists who want to vacation in the tropics, such as in Indonesia, which has the island of Bali.

Before Bali became famous for the tourism industry with a wide selection of cheap tourist destination, and a vehicle that attract, long ago, Bali is an agricultural island. Island with agricultural commodities which have a very high quality. One of the proudest agricultural commodity is rice. Because the majority of Balinese people are farmers who cultivate the land for planting rice.

Once upon a time in Bali Indonesia, rice is the main product of agricultural outcomes in Bali. The majority of Balinese people working into farmers cultivating the fields to produce of rice. Since then the organization of Subak appeared and became a traditional organization that regulates rice field irrigation system in Bali. Until now, these organizations still exist, despite being on the verge of collapse, because the transition livelihood of citizens of farmers into entrepreneurs, and most are in the tourism industry. Due to become farmers in Indonesia can not afford to fix the economy citizens.

One of the cultural heritage, from of Subak organization, which is very well known to this day in the rice fields is complex Jatiluwih. Jatiluwih is a village which has a very extensive rice fields, and not just for planting paddy rice, but rice fields has the most amazing scenery. Terraced rice fields with stunning irrigation system, which is able to irrigate all the fields, to get the water evenly throughout the plot. That is why, UNESCO named Jatiluwih as one of the world's cultural heritage which must be protected.

Despite receiving recognition from UNESCO, but the condition of the rice fields in Jatiluwih now increasingly endangered, due to the development of tourism that continues to undermine the culture and traditions of the people of Bali. Government continues to turn a blind eye to this incident, the condition of the environment in Bali Indonesia, particularly the increasingly polluted water and getting less. Rice fields is a mainstay of rural economy in danger of being lost residents due to the development of the tourism industry.

Now the rice fields in Bali diminishing rapidly. Population growth rate is very fast, and the new settlers continued thronged this island, resulting in demand for housing continues to grow. This resulted in an increasing number of housing developers who convert agricultural land into housing. Supervision of the government and the corrupt behavior of government is increasingly threatening the existence of customs and culture in Bali Indonesia, especially of Subak organization as the main protector of agriculture in Bali Indonesia.

Once upon a time Bali residents live in peace. Bali Indonesia is a paradise that is not infinite. They are born, live work, and die in Bali, the island of a loved one. Now all that has changed as a result of cultural exploitation, as object to lure tourists. Sacred area is now polluted with the arrival of foreigners who want merinvestasi in Bali, without considering the conservation of nature and culture in Bali Indonesia. They just take advantage of the unique culture in Bali, without being preserved.

Which menadi victims of tourism development in Bali is Balinese people. Bali residents unwittingly become slaves on the island they live.