Saturday, August 2, 2014

There will be a lot of festivals in Bali in August

Balinese Dance
In June and July last, the Bali Arts Festival has been held with great fanfare, and is a regular annual festival held by the provincial government of Bali. But there are many festivals that will be in Bali in August this year. Since the festival is a means of promotion for Bali tourism to attract foreign tourists visiting Bali.

In Bali, there will be a lot of festivals in August 2014 A number of performing arts will be held in Singaraja, Buleleng, on December 6 to August 10. Buleleng Festival, and Buleleng Endek Carnival 2014 festival will take place in Singaraja, Buleleng in northern Bali. Government of Buleleng, Bali, involving 1000 students to enliven the opening ceremony of Buleleng Festival, August 6. The students will dance the dance of fishermen, which describes the icons of Buleleng. Buleleng mascot is a dolphin.

Antida Music Productions is proud to present the show BRI TOUCH International Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014, which is a continuation of a similar event held for the first time in the previous year. The festival itself will be held for 2 days, on 8 and 9 August 2014, at Arma Resort. The event is also supported by BRI Touch, by Bank BRI. Each year, Ubud Village Jazz Festival has a different theme from the previous year and the 2014 theme is "Awakening Indonesia" in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia.

BRI TOUCH International Ubud Village Jazz Festival this year will be presenting an international jazz festival with the concept of originality, idealism and creativity, by displaying a talented and well-known jazz musicians from home and abroad, among others: Gilad Hekselman Trio (NY-USA), Dian Pratiwi and Uwe Plath (Germany), Astrid Sulaiman and Yuri Mahatma Trio (Bali), Balawan, Rio Sidik, The GAPPProject. Feat Dave Barlow (Australia-Indonesia), Erica Tuccerri (Australia) Kurdish Ito Trio (Bali), Ben van den Dungen Quartet (Holland), Deborah Carter (Holland), Seiji Endo (Japan), Chika Asamoto (Japan-Bali), etc..

Elsewhere, the Government of Badung regency back Farming Badung Cultural Festival held in Plaga Village, District Petaang, Badung. Festival, which will be held at 7 to August 10, the third year since the festival was first held in 2012 In the festival, a number of tourism potential in North Badung region will be promoted through the exhibition booth. Village tourism in the exhibit them Pangsan village, BelokSidan, Carangsari, Pelaga, Baha, and Sangeh. A number of potential agro-tourism in the tourist village is shown to the visitors.

In South Kuta, precisely in GarudaWisnuKencana (GWK) will take an international music festival. Dreamfield Festival is a music festival of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which will take place on August 16, at GWK. At this festival will bring international musicians who will invite you lope.

In addition, a number of performances and exhibits a series of Bali Mandara Mahalango still held at the Cultural Park, Art Center Denpasar. Bali Mandara Mahalango arts performances will be held for a month from 13 July to 13 August 2014, at the Cultural Park, Art Center Denpasar. Each day will be filled with two performing arts as well as around it will be shown various types of exhibitions and culinary craft.