Friday, August 1, 2014

Kuta Beach shoreline continues to decrease

Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is now in danger of disappearing from the island of Bali. The beach with the highest tourist arrivals and tourism became an icon of Bali island, is increasingly alarming. The threat of erosion continues to be a problem of the existence of this beach. Since time immemorial to the present, extensive shoreline continues to decrease. The sea water is getting closer to the mainland. There has been no effort by the government to this problem.

Abrasion on the beach is a major problem in disaster faced by Bali. Abrasion is very difficult to avoid, although it can be prevented, but it requires a very large cost, but no guarantee can survive in a very long period of time. Coastal erosion in the area of ​​South Bali and in the West Bali, has become a serious problem that must be faced by people, especially for people who live on the coast.

Kuta Beach, as an international attraction, wide lips beaches diminishing from year to year. This condition is recognized by the coast guard officers and rescue workers. Since they become a coast guard officer, they feel less and less extensive shoreline from year to year. They felt that the sea water has almost reached to the ground. Conditions pose a threat to this attraction, also for the people who are around the coast.

Kuta Beach
Changes in ocean currents are a major cause of erosion on the coast, especially in the South and West Bali. There has been no research on changes in ocean currents in South Bali. But many developing opinions is caused by reclamation and marine piling for various purposes. There is also a saying that changes in ocean currents due to global warming.

Beaches are already starting to disappear already occurred in the area of West Bali. The beaches in West Bali located in Jembrana, many are exposed to abrasion. Sand eroded by water and washed out to sea, this results in the loss of the beach, sea silting, damage to seabed biota, and the constantly changing flow of the weapon system.

The beaches in Jembrana were already destroyed by abrasion is Candikusuma beach, Pebuahan beach and Baluk beach, Pengambengan beach, Perancak beach, Penyaringan beach, Yehembang beach, and some beaches in Pekutatan. Not all beaches have in tangulangi by local governments to avoid abrasion. One of the most severe condition of the beach is exposed to abrasion in Pegambengan and Perancak. Many homes were destroyed by the waves.

Kuta Beach also experienced the same thing. Although can not be perceived directly by the citizens. However, changes to the beach can be perceived by the coast guard officers and rescue workers who have how in Kuta since decades ago. Diminishing shoreline, shortening the sea water to the mainland. Also the sea level is increasing rapidly, because the polar ice is melting much. It is estimated that sea level increases 1 centimeter every year.

If this continues to happen, the possibility of Kuta Beach a few more decades will disappear. The only remaining land will be submerged. The possibility Bali also will sink, if ti polar ice continues to melt the earth.