Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Experience staying at Mulia Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

Experience staying at Mulia Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

When the last holiday, I stay at a five-star hotel, Nusa Dua region, for two nights in Mulia Resort Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia, one of the luxury hotels in Bali. The hotel is located between St. Regis and Nikko. This hotel is more suited called the resort, because the area is very spacious with all the needs of vacationing there in Mulia. 

Mulia Resort Nusa Dua is a new hotel in Bali. The hotel is still very new. It appears in every corner of the building still feels the paint is still bright with no stains and crust. Plants were planted around serort also not growing well. The gardens surrounding the resort also has not seen the perfect green. However, the hotel can provide high satisfaction when I first entered the resort area.

Mulia hotel Bali was at the beach with beautiful white sand, the beach is named Beach Geger. Mulia consists of three properties, namely The Mulia, Mulia Villas, and Mulia Resort. Mulia distance of Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport about 14 km. So, with an average speed of 60 km / h, I could arrive in less than 15 minutes in Mulia Resort.

Entering the gate leading into the hotel lobby, as usual, and in general, security is a major, I had to undergo a security check process. From the gate already seen how magnificent lobby of Mulia, and the gardens are arranged beautifully, although many plants that have not grown to perfection. I went through security check run quickly and smoothly, not convoluted. Usually at another hotel, the security officer hotel guests sometimes ask, "What is your purpose, sir?". Even sometimes accompanied with a look of suspicion, I do not like to get a question like that, and sometimes even my desire to stay at the hotel immediately disappear instantly. But at Mulia I get a different experience from other hotels in Bali in general. At Mulia hotel Bali I do not get the odd question and suspicious gaze of security officers. Even after the examination process, I got a friendly smile and a thank you from a security officer. That attitude makes me feel happy and feel honored since entering the gates of the hotel.

On arrival at the hotel lobby of Mulia, I greeted the concierge and valet parking, with a smile and friendly greeting without gaze reluctantly, because I included a local, not a secret anymore if local guests tend to be ignored and not considered special, though not all like that. The concierge directed me to the location of the car park is very spacious and clean. Parking location with lobby is not too far away, just a few footsteps away. Until the lobby, I was greeted by the receptionist at the hotel. Receptionist were welcoming and friendly, no stares reluctant to serve local guests like me. We were making small talk just like new with a familiar friend, that's what I like, so I do not feel awkward.

The check runs fast, smooth and fun, and I was ushered up to the room, accompanied by an explanation of the room, and the number that can be on the phone if you need help.

Finally I got a room to stay with a spacious room, clean, and with modern facilities. After cleaning up, I pack up to go to a restaurant that is in the hotel for dinner. And dinner was held fun, there are several options ranging from Japan to western food. The food was delicious, the service is also very good.

If assessed, Mulia Resort is a very nice and pleasant. All facilities have been available in this place. Fitness center, spa, beach with sand pusih very clean, comfortable and clean. Service of the hotel clerk was also very satisfying. They are very friendly and always smiling to the guests.

One of the very unique and interesting in Mulia Resort is very Luat pool, with strange statues that stand at the edge of the pond. As if I was in the lobby of a great empire. Statues like to pay tribute to me.