Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dreamfields Festival 2014, excitement, pleasure, and criticism

Dreamfields Festival 2014 has been going on since 11 until August 17, 2014, at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), South Kuta. Dreamfields Festival 2014 is a festival of electronic dance music (EDM) in the world. This event was originally developed in the Netherlands, and now present in global, and is the first time in Asia. 

12000 ticket with a $ 50 - $ 150 sold out. Even the afternoon at about 04.00 pm, before the main event was held on Saturday, August 16 evening, the ticket sales are already empty. Hundreds of EDM fans feel disappointed because tickets are so expensive these are sold out. Because this kind of event was first held in Indonesia, if not impossible many Indonesian people want to come to the music festival.

Interest of music fans EDM (Electro Dance Music) in Indonesia is very large. Even the disco music fans do not hesitate to spend money to hundreds of dollars in one night, for the sake of present and enjoy the feel of the music is lively and full of excitement in Dreamfields Festival 2014.

A few hours before the event was held, at around 11:00 am, GWK area already crowded with visitors. Even the road to GWK packed with vehicles. Traffic congestion on the road to GWK occur up to 6 kilometers. Dreamfields held from 6:00 pm until 4:00 am the next day. Held by two large companies from Europe, Matrixx Event and MBFH.

Dreamfields Festival 2014 welcomed the clubbers from all over the world, due to well-known DJs enliven this festival. DJ is present in this festival are DJ Yasmin, Goldfish and Blink, Will Sparks, Indyana Feat. Anggun, Sidney Simson, Dash Berlin, and much more. This event presents three large and luxurious at the same stage side by side and are only separated by a cliff.

Three stage simultaneously presenting DJ action. There is also MSpot Area, visitors can participate enliven some competitions such as the Racing Simulator, Tire Change Challenge, RCRace, and Augmented Reality Photo Booth.

One of the interesting things is the presence of international singer, Anggun C Sasmi who sings a song. When Anggun went up the stage, the audience seemed bursting want to see it.

Budget are disbursed Dreamfields Festival visitors are very large. It can be said that this festival is not for people who do not have a lot of money. At least someone who attended the festival should have as much money as $ 500 in order to fully enjoy this festival. That's because in the festival area, there are many booths that sell alcoholic beverages imported. In addition to ticket prices are relatively very expensive, as well as other needs, such as drugs, in order to survive to enjoy the music and danced until morning. Because dancing until morning without drugs, favors and will not be able to survive until morning.

Many people believe that music lovers of EDM (Electro Dance Music) is the rich. To enjoy the music as it is, must come to a party at the cafe, all-night clubbing and of course accompanied by alcoholic beverages, and perhaps also with drugs. Many people think that it's just a party like no alcohol, it is nonsense. Alcohol can not be compared with the drug.

There are a few people say that the presence of drugs at these parties are very large numbers, and the resale value is also very large. Any required stop is always available, even no alcohol sellers who know the drug trafficking routes in the festival. Things like this is not a secret. Because these parties can only be enjoyed with alcohol and drugs.

Despite the excitement and pleasure underway at GWK, but criticism also emerged from several parties, and it is very reasonable. Some owners of Majapahit temple located in one area of ​​the pedestal, was disappointed with the organizers Dreamfields. Because of a Linga (a place of worship for Hindus) had to be evicted from the investor GWK of the Majapahit temple. Though there is no statue of King Airlangga who ultimately have to be evicted.

This event is not in accordance with the concept of culture in Bali. Vishnu statue magnificent and sacred should see the party scene in full madness. Even the circulation of drugs and alcohol ironically occurred at GWK area. While Vishnu statue pedestal is right, the figure of the god is sanctified by the Hindu community.