Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dreamfield Festival 2014 angered residents around the GWK

Dreamfield Festival 2014 performances that took place at GWK, in Bukit Ungasan, Jimbaran, Badung regency, with the main event on August 16. GWK is a new icon of tourism in Bali. In Dreamfield performances, the path to the pedestal should be closed. This has an impact on the activities of the population around of GWK be disturbed. The rights of road users in the limit. Freedom of the citizens of road users in the limit. This condition angered residents.

This week, August 24, 2014, a tourist attraction of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) became paralyzed, closed, discontinued. It happened due to the action of the surrounding residents blocked the entrance to the attraction of GWK. Closure of the road to GWK action starts at 08.00 am. Closing the road to GWK done by surrounding residents, the bill promises to the manager and developer of GWK to provide road access to the citizens towards the burial place. Road closure lasted until noon, because of the manager of GWK not meet the citizens to dialogue.

When the action of road closures, residents dressed in traditional Balinese. Period up banners that read their demands to management GWK sights. Some of them reads, "Bill-promise, we were bored, GWK immediately fulfill the promise." Banner was inscribed with the name of Citizens Giridarma. They also unfurled a white banner containing signatures of hundreds of residents.

This case has long been the case. Investors GWK circular promised to build an access road to the cemetery crematory. Despite several rounds of negotiations, but to date has not met the demands of citizens. Business GWK even close access for this is the path to the cemetery, it is still an area with GWK.