Saturday, August 23, 2014

Carefully choose cheap travel agents to Bali

Travel agents aims to facilitate in planning a trip to a place. Especially for a trip to Bali, there are many travel agencies that offer convenience at a low price. There are many travel agents to Bali, because Bali is a world tourist destination, which is in great demand by many people. Because Bali offers cheap tours with world-class. 

You have to be careful in selecting a travel agency to Bali. Because, today many travel agents who do not provide satisfaction to its customers. In fact many fraudsters masquerading as a travel agent to Bali. Cheap price with the promise to provide good service and satisfying is not possible. Because price dictates quality obtained.

Some time ago, intend to holiday in Bali, West Australian travelers instead duped by travel agents named Bali Indulgence. They lied when booking a travel package traveling to Bali. Travelers are already bought flight tickets and accommodation for a trip to Bali. When the schedule arrives, it turns out that their plane ticket message is false, and when they arrived in Bali, accommodation booking rooms that have been apparently not listed.

Reportedly the way business is run by an Australian woman named Chivonne Betts. Bali Indulgence doing so exist in some social media promotion.

The case is one case of fraud under the guise of a travel agency. There are still a lot of people are fooled by fake journey agent promotion in social media, the internet.

Some tips to note in choosing a travel agent, and you should know is as follows:

1 Select a professional travel agent
Choose a travel agent as you choose a doctor, because the journey agent can assist your interests. Perjanan professional agent can explain in detail the places you will visit. You can also try to hear the advice of friends and relatives who have used a travel agent they trust. Because of the type of travel options, such as a family trip, group, adventure, eco-tourism, is a personal decision that is aimed at the want to get in the way of satisfaction of any terms. The best journey agency will strive to build long term relationships with clients, not only pursue a transaction at that time only.

2 Do with a travel agent at a low price that is not logical. 
Travel agents are more and more, making them vying promo held at a low price. Do not be easily tempted by the offer of cheap package travel agency. You have to pay attention to the details of the package were given, ranging from transportation, accommodation, logistics, long journey, to tour around. Ensure adequate facilities granted and do not bother you.

3 Choose a travel agent who has extensive network. 
Make sure that the travel agency you choose has a strong network with the tourism industry in general, such as the association of travel agents, airlines, hotel chains, rail, cruise, tour operator, or car rental companies. Large network of travel agents is characterized in that the agent is credible. With the support of its network of agents can offer many options and price information for you.

4 Note the travel route offered by a travel agency. 
The most common thing to note is the attention offered travel route travel agents. Choose a travel agent that offers tour packages according to your wishes. Do not choose a travel agent with a tour package to visit a place that you do not know. At a minimum, choose an agent with a dominant tourist attractions tour packages that you want.