Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why Bali is a favorite tourist destination?

Bali is a tourist destination of foreign countries. Every year the number of tourist arrivals continue to rise. Even the millions of tourists every year. What caused Bali has always been a favorite place to travel? 

1. Bali have a myriad of uniqueness. 

Bali is an island that is very unique. The island is very small, but has a lot of natural beauty that is hard to find anywhere. Not only the natural beauty, the uniqueness of religion is also the main attraction. Religion in Bali is the most widely embraced by citizens are Hindu. But Hindus in Bali is very different from the Hindu's in India and other country. Hindus in Bali grow and develop customize a culture, and become one with nature in Bali. This is what makes Bali so unique and different from those in other places.

In addition to religion, art that flourished in Bali is also very unique. The dance is magical, the music sounds very strange, but if it can be heard hypnotize anyone to always want to hear it. The combination of music and dance that is very dynamic, a tourist attraction to be able to learn more about the arts in Bali.

Culture is very integrated with nature, making Bali an example in the concept of living in harmony with nature. Tri Hita Karana is the most well-known concept. This concept is an example that creates harmony with the universe.

There are many unique about Bali that can not be mentioned. Increasingly trying to dig uniqueness in Bali, the more it gets. Of course, the uniqueness of Bali became a tourist attraction that makes Bali so admired.

2. Bali is the center of the universe 

If you're in of Bali, then you will be enchanted by the natural beauty, unique terraced rice fields, sunagi, beaches, sea, mountains, lakes. Whatever you want to find all available in Bali. Looking mountains, looking for sea, looking for the best hotels, look for the best restaurants, shopping, exercise, fly kites, climbing, all in of Bali.

If you are in of Bali, you should have to believe in what is believed by local residents. Almost no one questioned the belief of Balinese people. of Bali is the center of the universe, healing and meditation, spirit, sacrificial rituals and festive ceremony. of Bali is a destination for surfers, divers, climbers, search the meaning and the meaning of life. Between the Monkey Forest, rice, and about 1000 temples, there is actually a symbolic center of the universe. Mount Agung is the highest mountain in of Bali, is a volcano is still active, but silent with no sign of going broke. Meanwhile, many volcanoes erupted around the island of Bali. It is a miracle that is hard to say.

3. All natural potential to become one

The food made by Balinese people derived from nature. For Balinese people, all of which are non-toxic plants can be used as food. Seasoning of various spices, spicy food is the hallmark of Balinese people. Chilli, ginger and galangal, kencur, turmeric and lemongrass, pepper, lemon juice, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish or vegetables, all food can be spicy but delicious, with a unique mix of strange spice. Banana tree, from the leaves to the tubers and fruits, can be changed by the Balinese into a delicious meal. Balinese people are very creative in making food. Everything in nature is a potential that was never imagined by anyone. But Balinese people were able to do so.

4. Bali is the island of gods 

Bali has thousands of temples with different functions to each temple. Temple made for the worship of God and the deities, and the ancestors that may affect human life. Sacrifice, ritual colorful with a variety of offerings, unique cremation ceremony with the feel of excitement, self-cleaning ritual, birth, marriage, death, all in the dressing in a sacred ritual that is very touching.

5. Holidays with full meaning and tranquility 

Bali has hundreds of places to learn yoga, a river with clean water, beaches and sunsets, the sound of crickets at night illuminated with light from coconut oil. Since the airing of the movie starring Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love, since known an astrologer and healer who lived in Ubud, Ketut Liyer, since then the journey of spiritual travel to Bali to be a trend that continues to grow. Ketut Liyer is not a liar. Capabilities such as Ketut Liyer very much in Bali. Many people in Bali have the ability to predict and miraculously healed. But only Ketut Liyer famous for being on a movie character.

6. Massagers girl, and best spa. 

Spa tradition by using a variety of natural materials known to those of Bali since hundreds of years ago. Now, being part of the spa tourism. Traditional Balinese Spa traded in the hotel and spa services. In Balinese massage by the girl, with a softer touch and soothing. Traditional Balinese spa travel trend that should be attempted by anyone who is in Bali.

7. Best hotel in the world 

Bali has many five-star hotel with the best service. The best hotel in the world in Bali. Combined with the hospitality of the hotel maid who is a local resident. Everyone knows, the people of Bali are very friendly and very open with anyone. When you stay at a hotel in Bali, you will feel right at home. Smile and greet is the familiar is passed by the Balinese. This alloy into a hotel in Bali has a different feel with friendly service owned by a waitress from the local residents.

8. Strategically close 

Strategic position of the island of Bali in Indonesia. Indonesia has the amazing potential of nature tourism. From Bali we can go all the potential of tourism in Indonesia. By means of transportation support, tourists can go to other places in Indonesia dream.