Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Traditional market in Bali

Traditional market in Bali

Traditional markets are always crowded market of people. If you want to find a place that is always visited by many people, then go to traditional markets. In this type of market there are a variety of staples that are sold by many merchants.

Traditional markets in Bali are huge numbers. In every district has at least one traditional market. Because, the traditional market is a market of agricultural produce citizens, and the citizens of the economy. As well as a place to get something. Without traditional markets it will be difficult to obtain citizen needs required.

Tardisional market is very different to the modern market. Sale and purchase transactions that occur in traditional markets, performed by bargaining system. Bargaining is becoming a very unique activity and can not be found in the modern market.

In traditional markets, prefer the sale of local products, local agricultural products, as well as local commodity. Without a traditional market, residents of Bali's economy may not be growing well. With emphasis on the principle of kinship, as well as a good social life factors, then the system of buying and selling price bargaining is a common thing without coercion, and without being harmed. 

Bargaining has been a tradition at every buying and selling in the traditional market. It is an art in the transaction. Typically, the bid is more like a woman. Men are reluctant to bid, because it was considered too troublesome. Women will buy goods that can be compromised. If a woman can bid in accordance with his will, then he is very happy and feel successful with his expectations, even after they had bought not so needed.

Whatever you need, all in traditional markets. In traditional markets, will usually supported by large stores and bus stations and other public transport. Therefore, traditional market located very strategically made ​​by the government. Local government is the main organizer of a traditional market. The bus station near the market made ​​with the aim that citizens can easily reach it. 

One of the weaknesses and shortcomings in traditional markets, and the most difficult to overcome is the problem of waste. Traditional market is very much of the waste. Waste generated per day very much. Because each market is not only garbage generated by the merchant, also the buyer.