Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tapakan Ida Bhatara, creepy but fascinating

Tapakan Ida Bhatara is a manifestation of the deity, ancestral spirits, or the like are realized on a mask, and became a symbol for the way that will be worshiped by Hindus in Bali. Tapakan made shaped mask that can be imposed by a person, with the aim that when certain rituals in a temple, Tapakan can be easily found at a ceremony in a temple.

When I entered a temple in Bali, I see some form of creepy masks, it is tapakan, which become objects of very purified. This Tapakan shaped Rangda masks, with such a very creepy. Why a tapakan that will be adored having such a very creepy ?. I do not know why the tapakan made with creepy. But from the traditions and ethics taught by my grandmother and grandfather, that person is not by the name, stared, and said that no more polite in front of the master and respected. Because tapakan is the symbol for the deity / spirit of the ancestors, it was made very creepy, perhaps, so that anyone who saw the tapakan, can have respect and fear, so do not dare to do things that do not fit the norm.

There are several tapakan that I see in the temple. Almost all of them have such a very creepy. Have large eyes with a penetrating gaze, dengin very long fangs, and tongue sticking out, and very long, with the motive of a blazing fire. Tapakan was placed in a place that is quite high, with a cloth covering the top tapakan.

Each tapakan representing each deity / spirit ancestors. Each tapakan has a very strong energy. Not just anyone can be wearing the tapakan. Tapakan it is purified into civic pride around the temple.

During the conduct of the temple ceremony, sometimes every tapakan will be danced by a dancer. A dancer wore one tapakan. Despite having such a very creepy, it becomes very fascinating tapakan if combined with a dance and a variety of offerings.

When the Melasti ceremony, the day of Nyepi, the tapakan will be taken to the beach to be purified. All tapakan taken together with citizens in the Melasti ritual. The ocean is the last place the flow of all things bad and dirty. So every foundation on take it to the beach to get a spiritual cleansing ceremony.

Tapakan made very carefully and with meticulous calculations. Using the calculation of the Balinese calendar system. The wood used is that has dikayiki have good energy. Unlike the barong for staging and entertainment, tapakan is Kramat and sacred objects, so making must also carefully, in accordance with the rules and traditions that have been established.

Rangga has a form which is very creepy. Rangga form is not an imagination, but is the result of one's inner vision of the other world. Humans do not live alone in this world. Jin, ancestral spirits, deitys, and other energies that exist on this earth is a part of life that must be mutual respect. Tapakan many tangible resembles Rangda.