Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ships laden heavy trucks sank in the Strait of Bali

Car carrier and large trucks, PancarIndah, sank in the Strait of Bali, Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at around 21:40 pm. There were no casualties in the incident. The ship was loaded with five tronton and eleven trucks. The number of driver and conductor is 26 people.

Shipwreck was initially departed from the Port of Ketapang at 21:00 pm. When the strong winds and high waves in the Strait of Bali. At 21:40 pm, officers received a report that the port inspectors shipwreck within a radius of 150 meters from Gilimanuk.

Vessel sinks are common in Bali Strait. Peraian in Strait was known to be vicious, strong currents and strong, with high waves during bad weather. To pass through the Strait of Bali, the captain of the ship must have a high experience. There are special techniques for through the sea. If any of the ship can sink. Because right in the middle of the sea between Bali and Java, two ocean currents combined, so that large waves can occur at any time. In the middle of the sea is also sometimes happens that a terrible whirlpool.

According to the watchdog port, the weather in the Strait of Bali on Wednesday (2/7), evening, rather extreme because of relatively high sea waves on the beach, but on Thursday, the weather had improved and pedestrian path that connects Java to Bali to run normally.

The evacuation process lasted until early this morning, and for evacuation ship goods still coordinated with the port authorities. Lines crossing at the Port of Ketapang towards Gilimanuk or otherwise remained normal, because the location of the sinking of the freighter does not interfere with the flow of traffic in the Strait of Bali.