Monday, July 28, 2014

Rangda! Long fangs, bulging eyes, long tongue, long hair, creepy

Rangda, although only a mask used by dancers in Bali, but this mask has such a very creepy. Although creepy, artistic value contained in the Rangda mask is very large.

Rangda mask is made ​​of wood, with a variety of decorations and carvings. Rangda is a fabled figure of mythology and developed only in Bali that has existed since time immemorial. Many people believe that the figure of Rangda is a supernatural creature which is not visible to the human eye, but its presence can be felt by people who have the ability to see supernatural creatures. Rangda even be a figure respected as ancestral spirits, despite having such a very creepy.

Temples in Bali using Rangda figure as the embodiment of ancestral spirits and deities. The Balinese believe, by performing certain rites and rituals, ancestral spirits in Bali can be improved derajadnya be a god who can keep mankind from bad things on this earth.

Rangda have bulging eyes and big. Eye mask like this makes the display look very firm. With a very long fangs, showing the ferocity of a mask. Canine very identical with a very wild animals. Rangda also has a long tongue sticking out. Its length can reach the stomach. Long tongues of fire that burns with ornaments, reminiscent of the figure of a dragon that breathed fire from his mouth. White hair and a long, unraveled until it reaches the ground. Nails in the hands of a very long adds fury to the figure of Rangda.

Rangda mask is made to order. Unlike other types of masks, mask of Rangda is not sold to the public. Because this mask has a magical element that is very high. Because since the beginning of creation, this mask through various ceremonies and sacred rituals. This mask is usually owned by a special dance group dancing figure of Rangda.